Top 5 Best Nintendo Switch Travel Cases

Pick any of these brand cases to protect your Switch from any possible damage

by Elliott Gatica


The Nintendo Switch is well into its life cycle, reaching nearly five years since its initial launch. Since then, Nintendo’s hybrid console has gotten two (technically three) revisions. You have the standard console, the revision with the slightly better battery life, the Switch Lite, and now the OLED model.

This console is not slowing down in terms of its sales. The upcoming Holiday season is definitely going to reel in a bunch of new people buying the system. Getting the console by itself is one thing, but you’re going to want to get a good case for the system if you tend to take things like this out while traveling or commuting. Here is a list of the top 5 carrying cases to keep your console protected. This guide focuses more on the portable aspect of the system.

Best Nintendo Switch travel cases

5. Tomtoc brand cases


Tomtoc cases for the Nintendo Switch are a solid, minimalistic choice for people who don’t want to break the bank. It’s sleek in design and basically form-fitting based on your model of choice. They also come in many different colors to personalize your accessories just a tad bit more.

These also have sleeves in the cases where you can store a handful of games. They don’t add to the overall bulk, but add just a bit more utility when you want to take this hybrid console on the go. The only downside for this case is that you really cannot have any sort of case for the console. It’ll be a tight fit or just won’t fit.

You can find these on Amazon, ranging from $15 to $25 USD.

4. Amazon Basics Vault Case


Right off the bat, this carrying case looks like a toolkit or a gun case for a pistol. This is a hard shell case for the Nintendo Switch that fits the console nice and snug with its Joy-Cons attached. You don’t need to worry about having the sticks or buttons being pressed in while the console is kept away inside the case. It has more than enough breathing room for everything to be protected and kept in place.

This case can also hold up to eight physical Switch game cartridges. The component to hold them will rest right on top of the screen, but with a soft layer so it won’t scratch or damage anything.

A thing to note, too, is that this case is only for the standard Nintendo Switch model. OLED and Lite models may not fit so well in this item.

This case is an Amazon Basics item, so its price may fluctuate depending on when you check it out. A few years ago, it was around $10 USD, but since then has come up to around $22 USD. So keep it on your wishlist if this case entices you.

3. Satisfye ZenCase


Chances are if you peruse gaming YouTube, specifically content creators who talk about the Switch, you’ve heard of this brand. Satisfye is the brand that’s synonymous with turning the Nintendo Switch into a more ergonomic portable console thanks to its grip. However, if you’re someone who almost exclusively plays the Switch on the go and you want a grip, you may want to get the grip and the case. This is definitely more on the premium side of Switch accessories.

2. Nintendo Switch Mario/Luigi carrying case


If you want to go all out and take your entire system and peripherals with you, this is the ideal fit. There are many variations of this case from retailers and online places like Amazon. This can carry the dock, one gamepad, the system (with Joy-Cons attached), and the A/C adapter. It’ll also come with a zipper component where you can store other cables and game cartridges.

This case will also come with a carrying strap akin to something like a messenger bag. It probably isn’t ideal to take in public at all times since it will stand out like a sore thumb, but it’s highly decorative. You can find these cases for around $30 USD.

1. Any weird sounding, off-brand Switch carrying case with a 4.5 star rating or higher on Amazon


You’ll probably see names like ECASA or TiMOVO or DADAYUP (just to name a few) if you search through Amazon. Honestly, these cases are all structurally the same. They fit the console in portable nice and snug inside of a hard shell case with a spacious interior. It’ll have two flaps where you can store your game cartridges on.

The cases will also have a sipper component with a mesh net where you can store things like screen cleaners, wires, and extra Joy-Cons. These range from $10 to $20 and come in all sorts of different patterns. They’re all solid picks and just the more versatile one if you don’t want to be too fancy. They’ll also have this strap on the outside of the case so you can hold it like a handbag. It’s excessive, but neat.

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