Torchlight III – Does It Have Cross-Play Or Cross-Progression?

Game is available on multiple platforms.

by Dean James
Torchlight III

After many years since the second entry and a name change since, Torchlight III is finally here. The game is more of the classic Torchlight gameplay that you expect with some upgrades and is releasing across a few different platforms as of launch, with another coming at a later time. Considering the game is very much built to be played with co-op online, this likely has many people wondering whether or not the game features some sort of cross-play or cross-progression with at least some of the platforms.

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Does It Have Cross-Play or Cross-Progression?

Torchlight III is an action RPG akin to the likes of Diablo for those new to the series, where you are dungeon crawling across different areas while defeating enemies and collecting loot. The game can be played entirely solo if you want, but the real fun comes when playing with others online.

For the initial release of Torchlight III, the game is coming to PS4, Xbox One, and PC, with a Nintendo Switch version coming at a later date that has not been revealed yet. With the three platforms being available at launch and the current landscape of gaming, you might have thought cross-play would be implemented. However, that is unfortunately not the case at this time, as you are stuck playing with people only on your respective platforms.

While the ability to play with others isn’t included, people also likely would hope to see cross-progression made available in the game. This would especially be important when the eventual Nintendo Switch version releases, so that you can play say on PC and then play while on the go on your Nintendo Switch across the same save.

As of this time though, just like with cross-save, this is not a feature included in Torchlight III. There has been no specific mention of either of these from the developer so far, but hopefully that will change now that they have the game itself out and can focus on other things like that perhaps.