Tower of Fantasy: Best Matrices for Frigg

Check out a few matrices sure to bring the best out of Frigg's Balmung

by Franklin Bellone Borges


We are only a few days away from the Global release of Balmung (Frigg) on Tower of Fantasy and fans could not be more excited, as the weapon can be considered one of the game’s most unique, thanks to both its ability to deal massive Frost damage at high speeds and its straightforward and rewarding playstyle. But how should you build Frigg? Now, to answer that and more, here are the best matrices for Frigg’s Balmung, as well as a few SR and R alternatives sure to bring the best out of the weapon.

  • It’s important to point out that this article will only feature Matrices available on the game’s Global version, and will be updated as new ones arrive.

The Best Matrices for Frigg in Tower of Fantasy

As expected, the best matrix set for Frigg will be a 4-piece SSR Frigg set, as the set will massively increase your overall ATK when switching between Ice weapons, such as Tsubasa’s Icewind Arrow and Meryl’Rosy Edge (2-piece effect), while also allowing Frigg’s Frost Domain to deal periodical amounts of damage (4-piece effect). The Frigg Matrix set will be available on its own banner, which is set to run simultaneously with her Special Order Banner,

If getting a 4-piece set is not an option, our main recommendation will be the use of a 2-piece Frigg + 2-piece Samir set, as the latter will progressively increase your damage upon hitting a target (up to 10% at 0-☆).  For those who don’t plan on getting other Ice/Frost weapons, or who just prefer to use different combinations, using a 2-piece Crow + 2-piece Samir can also work well.

As getting your hands on SSR matrices is not an easy feat, the best SR matrix set for Frigg is a Sobek, as the matrix set will increase the weapon’s ATK by 6% (0-☆) for each enemy nearby, thus fitting both her mid to close range combat and her Frost Domain mechanic. Using a 3-piece Ene set can also work as a placeholder, thanks to its ability to deal extra damage. For those who are still in the early game phase, and thus don’t have easy access to any SSR and SR matrices, we recommend the use of a 3-piece Cyberhino, as the set will increase the damage dealt by Ice weapons by 6%.

To recap, here are the best matrices for Frigg (Balmung):

  • Best Matrices for Frigg: Frigg (4-piece) / 2-piece Frigg + 2-piece Samir / 2-piece Crow + 2-piece Samir
  • Best SR Matrices for Frigg: Sobek (3-piece)/ Ene (3-piece)
  • Best R Matrix for Frigg: Cyberhino (3-piece).

You can currently play Tower of Fantasy on PC, Android, and IOS.

- This article was updated on August 31st, 2022

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