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Ni No Kuni 2 Guide: How To Complete The Kingmaker’s Trial of Knowledge

by Jelani James


There is more to being a king than having a good sword arm, you’ll also need have an equally good head on your shoulders. In Ni No Kuni 2: Revenant Kingdom, Evan will come to understand this early on his adventure when he is forced undergo a lengthy trial to prove that he is worthy of the throne: The Kingmaker’s Trials.

The Kingmaker’s Trial is rite of passage that Evan must brave alone at the end of Chapter 2 and is composed of two parts: the Trial of Knowledge and the Trial of Courage. The latter is rather simple, as it’s simply another boss fight, but the former will require a bit more finesse.

Basically, Evan is tasked with solving three puzzles of increasing difficulty where he is required to activate a series of statues representing key figures from a story that lie on a grid. The catch? They need to activated in a specific order and you can only touch one floor panel once. And even then, it’s not that bad. However, things do get a bit more tricky if you’re going for the bonus: collecting all the blue orbs. Collecting all of them requires you to take non-obvious routes that makes each puzzle harder than it would be otherwise; but the rewards — items and souped-up — are worth the hassle.

Here are the answers to all three puzzles:

* a “step” is completed when you touch the glowing white sigil next to each statue

First Trial


Step 1: Boy

Step 2: Wand

Step 3: Fairy (facing Wand)

Second Trial


Step 1: Harpist

Step 2: Pistoler

Step 3: Wizard

Step 4: Monsters (facing Boy)

Step 5: Boy (facing Monsters)

Third Trial


Step 1: Wizard (facing Tower)

Step 2: Pistoler (facing Tower)

Step 3: Harpist (facing Soldier)

Step 4: Fairy (facing Tower)

Step 5: Dragon (facing Boy)

That’s it for Ni no Kuni 2’s Trial of Knowledge. After you successfully complete all three, you’ll be sent to the top floor to undergo the Trial of Courage where you’ll need to take on a boss with just Evan alone.

Need help with something else? Head to the Royal Handbook to find more Ni no Kuni 2: Revenant Kingdom guides.

- This article was updated on:March 19th, 2018

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