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Tropico 6: How to Increase Liberty

Freedom is important to your citizens.

by Jordan Kamm


Liberty is one of the many types of Happiness that need to be maintained in Tropico 6. Many players will notice that starting out this happiness will be unaffected or slowly increase for most of thew game, then suddenly drop like a rock. That’s because a lot of important buildings Like Military and Government will have the added effect of decreasing the overall Liberty of your nation. Certain Edicts, or building options can also lower Liberty in exchange for some other effect. Once you get to many of these you’ll start to see the negative consequences. Without outright Demolishing these buildings it may be hard to find the right ways to increase your Liberty.

Luckily, there are a few quick things you can do. The cheapest option, and something that will work no matter the Era you’re in is building Newspapers. When selected the Newspaper building will show a blue circle around it, this is the area that it effects. All residential buildings within this circle will have their individual liberty increase, which will in turn raise your over-all Liberty. Make Sure every residential has a newspaper near it to maximize your Liberty output. Radio Stations and TV stations can also have options selected to raise Liberty, although they are more resource dependent and involve researching the building.

A secret way to raise Liberty is with Libraries. Again you’ll have to research the Library building but it will give you an option, Uncensored Portfolio, to increase Liberty in the surrounding area. It will work similarly to the Newspaper, but you won’t see the blue influence circle. Just keep this in mind, and build a few libraries in areas where you groups of residential areas.

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