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Tropico 6: The Different Types of Happiness

Happiness is the key to victory

by Jordan Kamm


In Tropico 6 your populations overall happiness is based on a variety of different factors. There are 8 Individual types of happiness that you must manage. To see what each happiness is at you must open the Almanac.  In the Overview it will show you your populations Overall Happiness and the Lowest Individual Happiness.


This will change with the amount of food your population has access to. Building more Plantations, ranches that produce meat or milk (cattle, and goats) and grocery stores can increase this. Restaurants will also increase food happiness a little bit. You can also increase the budget of any food production building to increase it’s efficiency


This is determined by the amount of medical care you’re population has access to. In the World Wars Era and onward you can build clinics and hospitals in Cold War. Building these next to residential buildings to increase the healthcare happiness of the people living there. Medical builds will also have upgrades that increase their efficiency


This is the amount of entertainment your population has access to. There are two types of Entertainment, regular and Luxury. Regular Entertainment will have a wealth requirement of poor to well off. Luxury Entertainment will have a requirement of Well off or better. Make sure the right type of entertainment is close the places where people in that wealth category live


This is the amount of religious buildings available. Build Chapels, Churches, and Cathedrals.


This is the quality of housing available. People will only live somewhere if they have easy access to their work, otherwise they’ll build a shack. Providing house near jobs, or bus lines can increase housing happiness


This is the job quality available for each person. Make sure jobs are available for people of each education level. Job Happiness will decrease if people aren’t working at a job with the same level as their own. You can increase the budget of each building to increase the job happiness

Crime Safety

This is how safe people feel. Centers with lots of people or certain buildings (such as the Docks) will decrease safety. Setting up police stations and prisons can catch criminals and raise the crime Safety happiness


this is how free your population feels. Giving your population access to information and media can increase this. An easy way is to build newspapers. If you need more information about increasing Liberty you can check out our guide here.

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