Until Dawn Guide: How To Save Everyone For A Good Ending

by Damian Seeto
Until Dawn

Until Dawn is a very fun game that requires you to play the game multiple times for different scenarios. If you want to save everyone, there are certain actions you must take for everyone to survive.

Some characters are harder to save than others. We are here to help you to ensure you make every character in Until Dawn survive. You may have to play the game more than once to get everything right. One wrong move can ruin everything.

Obviously there will be spoilers galore here. Only read this if you have finished the game first and need help saving everyone by playing the game again. You have to make the right choices in the correct chapters or else everyone will die.

Sam: She is somewhat easiest character to save. She can only die in the last chapter. You just have to keep still and do all the correct QTEs. Make sure you don’t get nervous as moving the controller will alert the Wendigo and she will die.

Mike: He is another easy character to save. He too doesn’t die no matter what you do until the last chapter. To ensure his survival, make sure Sam chooses to option to save Mike. If you choose Sam to run away and put the light switch on, Mike blows himself up.

Ashley: When her and Josh are tied up ready to be sliced by the saw blades, sacrifice Josh. In episode nine, there is an option for her to investigate voices or follow the group. Opt to stay with the group to ensure she lives.


Emily: She has it rough in the mines being chased by Wendigos and more. Make sure you get all of her QTEs correct or else she dies. Also I opted to leave the conveyor belt as it was an easier route. Staying on the conveyor belt leads to some dangerous saw blades. Obviously, don’t allow Mike to shoot her when he suspects for her changing into a Wendigo. Just leave the controller alone and Mike will chicken out.

Chris: When Ashley and Chris are tied up, choose to shoot Chris. Never point the gun at Ashley and dare not to try and shoot her either. Even though the gun has blank bullets, “shooting” Ashley will bite Chris in the butt later if he does.

During Chapter 8 after the stranger dies, make sure to shoot the chasing Wendigo successfully. If you chose not to shoot Ashley, she will open the door for Chris to be safe.

Matt: During the start of chapter 5, Matt and Emily are confronted by deer. Just walk forward and do not attack the deer with the axe. Later in the chapter, opt to not save Emily and just jump off the platform.

Later on the in game, just make sure to get all of Matt’s QTE’s correct. I stumbled and failed to save Matt numerous times. Much like with Sam, moving the controller an inch will alert the Wendigo to kill him.


Jessica: Possibly the trickiest character to keep alive in Until Dawn. Your actions in an earlier chapter ensures her safety and she doesn’t appear in the game until chapter 9.

First of all after she gets kidnapped, make sure Mike uses the most riskiest options. Choosing safe options means he’s wasting time. Also, you can only make a mistake once or twice. Making too many mistakes will let Jessica die.

You also have to make sure to slide down the hill while playing as Mike too. Taking the long path means she dies. If done successfully, you will see Jessica still alive, although the elevator drops.

Jessica is still not dead though and pops up again in chapter 9. You also have to make sure to hide rather than run when given the option.

Josh: There is a secret ending with Josh is you manage to save everyone. Just find the The Twins” clues. He will recognize the tattoo from his sister.

In closing, these are the steps you need to follow to save everyone in Until Dawn. Don’t worry if you are unable to do all of it in one playthrough. I played this game three times in one week and had to find all the scenarios myself. Even then, I failed several times.

Until Dawn is a fun game. We will follow up with this guide to show you the many ways you can kill the characters.

- This article was updated on April 17th, 2017