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Untitled Goose Game – How to Get into Model Village

Waddle and swim

by Kyle Hanson


Players get lost in a lot of games, but in Untitled Goose Game it happens all the time. The game is puzzle focused at its core, so you’ll often be lost as to how to accomplish your tasks. But you can also be confused about simpler stuff, like where to go. One puzzle combines these two things to cause extra frustration. But we’re here to help. Here’s how to get into Model Village in Untitled Goose Game.

How to Get into Model Village

This seemingly simple objective can actually cause quite a bit of annoyance as you frantically search the map for how to get into this tiny area. The answer is even easier than you might think, since you’re probably overthinking it anyway. All you need to do to get into Model Village is head to the left.

Sure it’s not quite that easy, but it kind of is. If you’ve spotted Model Village already just head there. It’s found just after the pub near a small bridge. This is actually the key to getting in. Head into the water nearby and to the right of the bridge then swim under the bridge itself. On the other side you’ll find Model Village where you can continue your game.

And that’s how to get into Model Village in Untitled Goose Game. Not everything in the game is based around honking and grabbing stuff with your beak. Sometimes it’s just about swimming and waddling your way into areas you weren’t supposed to be in.

Of course, this is near the end. You only have a few tasks left before the credits roll. The game won’t be totally over at that point, but you may need help with other stuff from here. Be sure to check out our many other guides if you get stuck again.

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