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Untitled Goose Game – How to Get into the Garden

Start annoying the groundskeeper on his turf

by Kyle Hanson


Before you can honk and beak your way to victory in Untitled Goose Game you need to get into its various stages. While some can just be waddled into, others require a puzzle solve of their own. Sometimes this can involve stealthily working your way in, while others rely on a trick. But if you don’t know that trick you’ll be stuck outside. With that in mind, here’s a quick rundown of how to get into the garden in Untitled Goose Game.

How to Get into the Garden

The garden might seem like a fortress to new players, but it’s one of the easier challenges in the game. There’s a groundskeeper inside who will become the focus of your goose ire eventually, but at first he holds all the power. Hiding behind his locked fence, you’re stuck outside until you figure out the trick to getting in. It’s an easy one, involving the radio that sits right near the gate.

The radio sits on top of a pile of bags. Move one to get to it. Once you do just pick it up with your beak and music will start playing. This annoys the groundskeeper enough to unlock the gate and head out to scare you away. This is your opening and opportunity. Take the radio and waddle your way away from the gate so that the groundskeeper has to follow you. Once you and he are far enough away just drop it and rush into the garden.

A simple puzzle, but an important lesson in how this game plays. Many of the tasks you have ahead of you will work out the same way. Now that you know how to get into the garden in Untitled Goose Game you should be ready to tackle these other challenges. Now get out there and finish that to-do list.

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