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Untitled Goose Game – How to Get into the Pub

You won't be having a pint though

by Kyle Hanson


Starting off as a simple game, Untitled Goose Game quickly expands and adds new areas throughout the campaign. But while it gives you simple instructions for its objectives, sometimes there’s tasks you don’t even get a prompt for. Many of the expanded areas of the map are like this, though you sometimes get another cryptic message about getting into some area. This is the case for the Pub, which is featured partway through the game. Here’s how to get into the Pub in Untitled Goose Game.

How to Get into the Pub

Unlike other areas where you can just walk in, despite the protestations of the owners or residents, the Pub requires some work to get into. More of a trick really, as there’s no way to just waddle in or distract someone. Instead you need to pull a true Solid Snake move to get into the Pub. Remember that big yellow van over to the side of the map? That’s the key. Or really, the box nearby is the key.

Waddle your way to the van and you’ll see a box sitting on the ground. Make sure no one is nearby and hop into the box. Now you wait. Hold your honks for a bit cause someone is coming to get you. The delivery lady will swing by and pick the box up with your goose self inside. Be patient, let her carry you into the Pub and to a secluded area. Wait for her and anyone else who may pass by to leave, unless you want to give them a scare (it won’t impact the game really). Once she does you can hop out and you’ll be in the Pub itself.

Though you may be stuck here as well, since the lady likes to close the door behind her as she leaves. If so, all you need to do is waddle under the balcony to get to the main area. And that’s how to get into the Pub in Untitled Goose Game.

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