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Valheim: How to Get Odin Armor Set

Odin's mighty armor set is unlockable in Valheim. Kind of.

by Victor Vellas


Valheim has its fair share of old Norwegian inspired items, from crafted structures to unique goodies and equipment. The almighty Odin himself, true to his AllFather title, has a themed armor set within the game that can be obtained in certain ways. Unfortunately, you can’t get this Odin armor set in conventional ways or through progression, so let’s see below how you can actually get your hands to it.

How to get Odin’s Armor Set in Valheim

The Odin Armor Set consists of the Hood of Odin, which is a helmet and the Cape of Odin, which is of course a cape. Both of these items can normally only be unlocked through a specific Steam code, claimable only from those that were participants of the Valheim Beta, as promotional items. Anyone who is eligible for such rewards, can check their e-mail and get the code from there directly. Then, redeem it in the Steam platform and the items are now ready to be created from within the game.

For those that were not part of the beta, the only way of obtaining those items is by asking for extra key codes in any Valheim forums, for anyone who has some spare ones. You’d be surprised how friendly the community of the game is, so feel free to give it a try whenever you want. The Odin Armor Set can be triggered through Console Commands, however the moment you are about to claim them, the ‘required DLC’ message pops up, blocking anyone from actually claiming them this way. This of course indicates that the armor will be eventually be obtainable by everyone, through free or paid DLC.

If you were one of the Valheim supporters back in the beta and claimed your code, you supposedly need to craft the armor through your Workbench and it will be yours to keep right after.

Valheim is now available through Steam Early Access.


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