Warframe: Nataruk Build

Mow down the opposition with this new Sentient-themed bow.

by Elliott Gatica

The Nataruk is one of the many new weapons that have been added to Warframe. It’ll definitely be a fan favorite for many people given the lore behind it. Fortunately, this weapon is a very accessible one. Here is a very solid build you can run for your Nataruk in Warframe.

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The best build for the Nataruk in Warframe

The Nataruk is a bow and arrow weapon that you earn upon completing The New War quest. It boasts an extremely powerful set of stats like having one of the highest base-damage stats for primaries in the game. It also has very generous critical and status values. On paper, this weapon can really tear the armor of the Grineer and make enemies susceptible to slash procs fall within seconds.

Here is a build you can use that really highlights its strengths:


The Galvanized mods can be substituted with their original counterparts or similar items. Galvanized Chamber is just Split Chamber and Galvanized Aptitude can be replaced with Heavy Caliber. Since the weapon is so strong as a status and critical bow, this hybrid setup will guarantee status proc and huge critical numbers.

Hunter Munitions isn’t necessary, but Slash procs in Warframe are the superior physical damage type. Getting that much more out of the weapon will ensure that your enemies will go down at least a few shots sooner.

Luckily, this weapon has an infinite ammo mechanic, so you can shoot this bow forever without ammo economy problems. On top of that, you shouldn’t mod the weapon to have any fire rate adjustments to it. The weapon’s draw speed is slow enough so that you can commit to a perfectly timed shot.


Drawing the weapon in that small window will make it shoot a lot stronger than it would be if the Nataruk is fully charged. It’ll take some time getting used to, but has such a strong damage output.

Warframe is free to play on PlayStation 4 and 5, Xbox One and Series S/X, Nintendo Switch, and PC.

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