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Warframe: Nora’s Choice Week 3 Challenges

How to complete this week's challenges

by Elliott Gatica


The weekly Nightwave reset just happened in Warframe, and the challenges are rather easy or straightforward this time. Nora’s Choice is in its third week, not only offering new weekly Acts to complete, but also a refreshed storefront to go with it. 

Here are this week’s Nightwave challenges/acts:


  • Cache Hunter – Find all caches in 3 Sabotage missions
  • Not a Warning Shot – Kill 500 enemies
  • Polarized – Polarize a Weapon, Companion, or Warframe (not in Simulacrum)
  • Vault Raider – Complete an Isolation Vault Bounty Mission on Deimos
  • Venus Fisher – Catch 6 Rare Servofish in the Orb Vallis

Elite Weekly

  • Profit-Taker – Kill Profit-Taker
  • Unlock Relics – Unlock 10 Relics

How to complete the harder Weekly Acts:

Cache Hunter

There are 3 hidden caches in every Sabotage mission, and you have to complete 3 missions with all collected caches. They appear like a tileset’s locker, so Grineer caches will look like the dark green capsules and the Corpus ones will look like the standard ones in the ships. What makes these caches stand out from normal lockers though is that they’ll have a white glowing aura on the symbol where you can determine if you can open them or not. They will also emanate a sort of ring to indicate how close you are to them, so using earphones will drastically help.

I suggest going to a Corpus ship Sabotage mission. You can find them as early as in Ishtar, Venus. Do not complete the objective right away as in some Sabotage missions, there will be an occasional 5-minute timer before the ship blows up. 


It’s also ideal to bring a Warframe equipped with a Loot Detector aura mod or a Thief’s Wit mod which can be placed into the Exilus slot. Alternatively, you can apply an Animal Instinct or Primed version of it on your sentinel or companion. Loot radar stats stack too, allowing for more of the minimap to reveal loot locations. The caches in sabotage missions show up as normal loot on a radar, so it’s also advised to use area-of-effect weapons to quickly determine if the loot symbol is a breakable crate, an enemy drop, or a cache. 

Keep in mind, to find caches, they are highly likely to be in places that you wouldn’t even think would exist. Some are so far off the beaten path that it feels like they weren’t programmed to be in some missions. 

Vault Raider

When you visit Mother at the Necralisk on Deimos, she’ll have a set of bounties to complete. Simply accept the bounties on the bottom of her requests. You may want to have some versatile gear, because while the first stages can come off as simple bounty objectives, the Necramech fight at the end can mow down tenno within seconds. 

Venus Fisher

Unlike the Earth Fisher Act from last week, this week now has players having to fish for six rare (servo)fish on Venus. This one is much easier to obtain than Earth’s because you do not need bait to do this. You do need a fishing spear obtained from Fortuna, preferably the Stunna Fishing Spear. 

Here is a map of the best places to find rare species of Servofish.


In the lake behind the player’s spawn point (behind Fortuna), you can find Longwinders when the weather is warm in the Orb Vallis. This is labeled as number 1.

The two ponds south of that location is where you can find and capture the Tromyzon Servofish. They come out during cold weather cycles. This is labeled as number 2.

In the cave southeast of the Spaceport, you’ll find a body of water at the end of it. Here is where you can find Charamotes. They tend to come out more during warm cycles, but they also appear during cold. This spot is labeled as number 3. 

Also, look out for hot spots on the bodies of water. These hot spots are indicated with a polar light effect over certain patches of the water. They’ll have more fish concentrated in that area with a chance of the aforementioned rare species to pop up. Bring Luminous Dyes if possible; they make this challenge so much easier to complete. 


This one is technically a straightforward challenge, though it does require a hefty amount of prerequisites just to access. You’ll first have to be at max rank with Solaris United (Old Mate). Then, you’ll have to get acquainted with the Vox Solaris faction and complete the first three Heist bounties. You will also need a gravimag installed onto an archgun with an archgun deployer in your inventory. Of course, to fight this grand boss, you will have to be readily equipped with a plethora of several elements on your guns to dock down this boss’ shields. 

Check this Warframe Wiki link here for tips on how to take on the Profit-Taker.

Every other challenge without a guide is very straightforward. This week isn’t too hard for even newer players to complete. 


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