Warframe Weapon Tier List | Best Weapons in Warframe(August 2022)

Where do your favorite weapons lie in the power rankings?

by Elliott Gatica


To say that there are a lot of weapons in Warframe is an understatement. It might even be one of the deterrents for new players. There’s so much to choose from; it’s hard to even fathom where to begin. But of course, like all other games in the looter shooter and RPG categories, there is a hierarchy of weapon power. Here is the most updated weapon tier list for Warframe, broken down into each of the main weapon classes.

Warframe Weapon Tier List

As said before, these tier lists are broken down by category. The categories are Primary, Secondary, and Melee. Just because a weapon you like isn’t listed too high does not mean you should avoid it. Warframe is an evolving game, with the balance of the game going under constant changes If anything, Digital Extremes can take notes of what is underperforming to bring other weapons up to snuff.

Primary Weapons Tier List in Warframe


The following are all the Primary weapons ranked in a tier list. This list is based on the Echoes of the Zariman update (Update 31).

Tier Weapon
S-Tier Acceltra, Amprex, Arca Plasmor (Tenet), Bubonico, Cedo, Tenet Flux Rifle, Glaxion Vandal, Ignis Wraith, Kuva Bramma, Kuva Kohm, Kuva Ogris, Kuva Tonkor, Kuva Zarr, Lenz, Nataruk, Phantasma, Tenet Tetra, Proboscis Cernos, Scourge Prime, Tenet Envoy, Tenora Prime, Trumna
A-Tier Aeolak, Astilla (Prime), Basmu, Dread, Exergis, Fulmin, Kuva Hek, Vaykor Hek, Hema, Ignis, Kuva Karak, Kohm, Mutalist Cernos, Opticor Vandal, Phage, Quanta Vandal, Quellor, Rubico Prime, Scourge, Secura Penta, Shedu, Soma Prime, Stahlta, Stradavar Prime, Supra Vandal, Synapse, Tonkor, Zarr
B-Tier Alternox, Ambassador, Battacor, Baza (Prime), Boltor Prime, Telos Boltor, Braton Prime, Braton Vandal, Carmine Penta, Cernos Prime, Convectrix, Corinth (Prime), Dex Sybaris, Kuva Drakgoon, Flux Rifle, Glaxion, Gorgon Wraith, Prisma Gorgon, Prisma Grakata, Hek, Kuva Hind, Karak Wraith, Kuva Quartakk, Lanka, Latron Prime, Latron Wraith, Miter, Nagantaka Prime, Ogris, Opticor, Panthera Prime, Paracyst, Paris Prime, Penta, Phenmor, Prisma Tetra, Quanta, Rakta Cernos, Rubico, Sancti Tigris, Synoid Simulor, Sobek, Soma, Stradavar, Strun Prime, Supra, Sybaris Prime, Tenora, Tiberon Prime, Tigris Prime, Torid, Vectis Prime, Zenith, Zhuge Prime, Felarx
C-Tier Attica, Boar (Prime), Boltor, Braton (MK1), Burston (Prime), Buzlok, Cernos, Daikyu, Dera (Vandal), Drakgoon, Ferrox, Gorgon, Grakata, Grinlok (Prisma), Harpak, Hind, Javlok, Karak, Latron, Paris (MK1), Mutalist Quanta, Nagantaka, Panthera, Tetra, Quartakk, Simulor, Snipetron (Vandal), Sporothrix, Strun (Wraith, MK1), Sybaris, Tiberon, Tigris, Vectis, Veldt, Vulkar(Wraith), Zhuge

Secondary Weapons Tier List


The following list is for all the secondaries in the game, including the Incarnon weapons that came out with the Echoes of the Zariman update.

Tier Weapon
S-Tier Aksomati Prime, Catabolyst, Cyanex, Kuva Nukor, Ocucor, Pox, Prisma Twin Gremlins, Pyrana Prime, Spectra Vandal, Stug, Synoid Gammacor, Tenet Cycron, Tenet Diplos
A-Tier Akarius, Akjagara Prime, Aklex Prime, Aksomati, Akstiletto Prime, Akvasto Prime, Athodai, Atomos, Azima, Dex Furis, Embolist, Epitaph, Hystrix, Knell Prime, Kompressa, Kulstar, Kuva Brakk, Kuva Kraken, Kuva Seer, Kuva Twin Stubbas, Pandero Prime, Prisma Angstrum, Sepulcrum, Tenet Detron, Tenet Spirex, Twin Grakatas, Twin Kohmak, Velox, Zakti Prime
B-Tier Afuris, Akbolto Prime, Akbronco Prime, Akjagara, Akstiletto, Azkzani, Arca Scisco, Brakk, Cycron, Despair, Dual Toxocyst, Euphona Prime, Furis, Gammacor, Hikou Prime, Knell, Kohmak, Lato Vandal, Lex Prime, Magnus Prime, Mara Detron, Nukor, Pandero, Pyrana, Quartz, Sancti Castanas, Secura Dual Cestra, Sicarus Prime, Sonicor, Spira Prime, Staticor, Telos Akbolto, Twin Gremlins, Twin Vipers Wraith, Tysis, Vasto Prime, Vaykor Marelok, Zakti, Zymos
C-Tier Acrid, Akbolto, Akbronco, Aklato, Aklex, Akmagnus, Avkasto, Angstrum (Prisma), Ballistica (Prime, Rakta), Bolto, Bronco (Prime), Castanas, Cestra, Detron, Dual Cestra, Fusilai, Hikou, Kraken, Kunai, Laetum, Lato, Lex, Magnus, Marelok, MK1-Furis, MK-1 Kunai, Plinx, Seer, Sicarus, Spectra, Spira, Stubba, Talons, Twin Rogga, Twin Vipers, Vasto, Viper, Viper Wraith, Zylok

Melee Weapons Tier List


Melee weapons are typically the go-to weapon choice for people playing the game as they can scale extremely well into the late-game. Their rankings in this tier list are going to be a lot more noticeable as you climb up and down the tiers.

Tier Weapon
S-Tier Atterax, Broken War, Cerata, Dual Ichor, Fang Prime, Galatine Prime, Glaive Prime, Gram Prime, Hate, Kronen Prime, Lesion, Nami Skyla Prime, Nikana Prime, Pennant, Reaper Prime, Telos Boltace, Tenet Exec, Tenet Grigori, Tenet Livia
A-Tier Anku, Caustacyst, Ceti Lacera, Dakra Prime, Dark Sword, Dual Ether, Dual Kamas Prime, Dual Keres, Ether Daggers, Ether Sword, Falcor, Fang, Galatine, Gazal Machete, Glaive, Guandao Prime, Korumm, Krohkur, Kronen, Kuva Shildeg, Machete Wraith, Mios, Mire, Nepheri, Ohma, Orthos Prime, Pangolin Prime, Paracesis, Praedos, Prisma Dual Cleavers, Prisma Machete, Prisma Skana, Quassus, Rakta Dark Dagger, Secura Lecta, Skiajati, Tatsu, Tenet Agendus, Tipedo Prime, Twin Basolk, Twin Krohkur, Venka Prime, Verdilac, Vitrica, Volnus Prime, Xoris
B-Tier Amphis, Arim Spinosa, Bo Prime, Boltace, Broken Scepter, Cassowar, Cobra & Crane, Dark Split-Sword, Destreza Prime, Dex Dakra, Dragon Nikana, Dual Cleavers, Dual Heat Swords, Dual Kamas, Dual Skana, Endura, Galvacord, Gram, Guandao, Gunsen, Halikar (Wraith), Heat Sword, Hespar, Hirudo, Innodem, Jat Kittag, Jat Kusar, Karyst Prime, Keratinos, Kesheg, Lacera, Lecta, Machete, Nami Skyla, Nikana, Ninkondi Prime, Okina, Orthos, Orvius, Pangolin Sword, Pathocyst, Prova Vandal, Pulmonary, Redeemer Prime, Ripkas, Scindo Prime, Scoliac, Serro, Sigma & Octantis, Silva & Aegis (Prime), Stropha, Tipedo, Tonbo, Venato, Venka, Volnus, War, Wolf Sledge
C-Tier Ack & Brunt, Ankyros (Prime), Arca Titron, Bo, Cadus, Ceramic Dagger, Cronus, Dark Dagger, Destreza, Dual Raza, Dual Zoren, Ether Reaper, Fragor (Prime), Furax (Wraith), Ghoulsaw, Heat Dagger, Heliocor (Synoid), Jaw Sword, Kama, Karyst, Kestrel, Kogake (Prime), Korrudo, Kreska, Magistar (Sancti), Masseter, MK1-Bo, MK1- Furax, Nami Solo, Ninkondi, Obex (Prisma), Plasma Sword, Prova, Pupacyst, Redeemer, Rumblejack, Sarpa, Scindo, Shaku, Sheev, Sibear, Skana, Sydon (Vaykor), Tekko (Prime), Vastilok, Zenistar

A few things to note about this Warframe weapon tier list are that Zaws and Kitguns are not in this tier list. They can vary depending on which parts you decide to put on them. Kitguns are considered to usually be in the top tier area because of their ability to use their respective Arcanes on top of the standard gun ones like Deadhead, Merciless, and the others. Zaws are also in the same boat, except melee weapons outside of that class do not utilize Arcanes.

Also, the weapons listed in lower tiers tend to have stronger Riven dispositions. This means that a Riven Mod with critical chance and damage will have a higher value compared to those of the higher-tiered weapons. They may not necessarily bring the weaker weapons up to snuff with the high-tiers, but they can bring out a bit more potential.

Warframe is free to play now on PlayStation 4 and 5, Xbox One and Series consoles, Nintendo Switch, and PC. Cross-play and cross-progression should be coming soon, with no exact date yet.

- This article was updated on June 29th, 2022

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