Warzone 2.0 New Gulag System Explained

Warzone veterans will have a new kind of experience when Warzone 2.0 releases.

by Carlos Hurtado

Warzone’s gulag gave players a second chance to get into the fight, and many players enjoyed this feature, offering tense one-versus-one battles where the best player gets on top. On Warzone 2.0, the developers took this concept and gave it a different twist that, for many, is even better.

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The battle royale community has been waiting for the sequel to Call of Duty Warzone, and many fans have been playing Modern Warfare 2 to get ready to dominate in this new experience. The hype is through the roof, but many players do not know what the developers have done to the gulag in Warzone 2.0.

Warzone 2.0 New Gulag System Explained

According to a blog on the official Call of Duty website, the developers brought some changes since the last time players tested the game in the Call of Duty Next event. According to the blog post, Warzone 2.0’s gulag will be a two-versus-two environment where two random players will team up and fight to get back into the match.

Players will receive a predetermined loadout at launch. This can be a pistol or shotgun along with tactical and lethal equipment. The new gulag will also include a Jailer, who will appear in the middle of the match. Killing the Jailer will allow all four players to return to the map, effectively changing the game’s dynamic. Many players will doubt allying with the opposing duo, so defeating the Jailer may not be an option for many gulag players.

Warzone 2.0’s gulag will not have an overtime period if neither team nor the Jailer is killed. If time runs out, all players will be eliminated from the game.

On November 9, Call of Duty featured a live event where many content creators got to play Warzone 2.0 and the new DMZ mode, allowing fans of the previous title to look closer at what is coming on November 14. Many Warzone fans have been excited about the sequel, and veterans of the extraction shooter genre are eager to learn more about the Call of Duty experience that took inspiration from Escape from Tarkov.

Call of Duty: Warzone 2.0 will release on November 16 on PC, Xbox, and PlayStation consoles. For more information about the game, go to the official Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 Twitter account.

- This article was updated on December 22nd, 2022