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Watch Dogs: Legion Boroughs List

Free London from Albion's oppression.

by Brandon Adams


In Watch Dogs: Legion you’ll liberate the various boroughs of London from Albion’s oppression, and you’ll be richly rewarded for doing so. Flipping the boroughs to Defiant is a straight-forward affair, and doing so will unlock not only all the Tech Point locations for that area on your map, but a Skilled Operative as well.

Liberate Boroughs in Watch Dogs: Legion by clearing borough missions, then a curated special mission.

There are eight boroughs under Albion’s oppression in Watch Dogs: Legion, though the first handful of missions will see you flipping Camden to Defiant within the first hour. From here it’s on you to convert the other seven, and you can technically attack them in any order you so desire (though having a stable of operatives will make the task easier to accomplish). You’ll need to complete a handful of “red” regular missions that unlock a special mission that will completely flip the borough upon completion.

Defiant boroughs confer a couple of benefits. First, recruiting new operatives to Dedsec’s cause will be easier in Defiant boroughs. Second, you’ll reveal all the Tech Points available in the borough on the map (great for farming up Tech). Finally, you’ll recruit a Skilled Operative to you team, who is a special version of an existing class (such as the Spy earned for flipping the City of Westminster). If you are playing on permadeath these operatives can die, just so you know.

The full list of boroughs, their missions, and associated Skilled Operatives in Watch Dogs: Legion are listed below:

London Boroughs

  • Camden
    • Liberated via required early-game Dedsec Story Mission
      • Hacker + Skilled Operative
  • City of Westminster
    • Regular Missions – Rescue Freedom Fighter, Disrupt Propaganda (x2)
    • Special Mission – Like Clockwork
      • Spy + Skilled Operative
  • Islington and Hackney
    • Regular Missions – Neutralize VIP, Sabotage, Collect Evidence
    • Special Mission – Fight or Flight Plan
      • Football Hooligan + Skilled Operative
  • City of London
    • Regular Missions – Hack CtOS Hub, Photograph Evidence, Sabotage
    • Special Mission – Mind Games
      • Beekeeper + Skilled Operative
  • Tower Hamlets
    • Regular Missions – Neutralize VIP, Rescue Freedom Fighter, Collect Evidence
    • Special Mission – Driven to Distraction
      • Getaway Driver + Skilled Operative
  • Nine Elms
    • Regular Missions – Neutralize VIP, Photograph Evidence, Sabotage
    • Special Mission – The Black Hole of Battersea
      • Professional Hitman + Skilled Operative
  • Lambeth
    • Regular Missions – Digital Deface, Photograph Evidence, Disrupt Propaganda
    • Special Mission – Wheels in Motion
      • Drone Expert + Skilled Operative
  • Southwark
    • Regular Missions – Photograph Evidence, Sabotage, Digital Deface, Hack CtOS Hub
    • Special Mission – Information Overload
      • Anarchist + Skilled Operative

- This article was updated on:October 28th, 2020

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