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Watch Dogs: Legion – How to Holster Weapon

Practice proper gun safety by holstering your weapon.

by Brandon Adams


In Ubisoft’s Watch Dogs: Legion it’s beneficial to blend in with the general population, so you’ll want to holster your weapon whenever you’re out and about. It’s not a difficult thing to do, but forgetting to holster that weapon of yours after escaping a firefight will ensure the law remains in hot pursuit.

Holster your weapon in Watch Dogs: Legion by tapping Down D-Pad, or T on PC.

To holster your drawn weapon in Watch Dogs: Legion all you need to do is tap Down on the D-Pad with a controller, or the T-key on mouse and keyboard. This will stow whatever weapon is in your hands, and if you are not being pursued you’ll put away your mask as well. This is important to note, because storing your weapon while being chased won’t remove your mask. It makes it easier for you to go into hiding, so you should still holster your weapon when able, but if your character still has their mask on you’re still being hunted.

Do bear in mind that the holster weapon button/key does not unholster your weapons. Melee weapons will be used automatically in a brawl, or when you tap the melee button/key (X/Square, and F-key), and once you are done swinging you’ll stow the melee weapon away. Ranged weapons are drawn by aiming them with the Left-Trigger/Right-Mouse, but you will have to use the holster weapon hotkey to put them away.

On the flip-side, drawing your weapon will always prompt your character to don their mask, so if you are up for some mischief you will be somewhat incognito. Just holster your weapon when you’re done with your mayhem and you’ll stash the mask when you’ve evaded both Albion and the law. Easy enough to do, yet easy enough to forget. Don’t forget to holster your weapon in Watch Dogs: Legion when its time to blend back in with civilization.

- This article was updated on:October 28th, 2020

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