Watch Dogs: Legion – Where to Buy New Clothes

Spend your ETO on some fresh new styles by visiting clothing vendors.

by Brandon Adams
Watch Dogs: Legion - Where to Buy New Clothes

There are many different wardrobe options in Watch Dogs: Legion, and you can use your hard earned ETO to purchase new clothes for your operatives. Vendors are sprinkled all over London, and players coming over from Watch Dogs 2 will have a pretty solid grasp on how the system works.

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You can buy new cloths from vendors in Watch Dogs: Legion.

There are clothing vendors everywhere in London, though busy marketplaces tend to have a selection of different stores to choose from within a few feet of each other. Every store has its own unique style, and the posher the borough, the ritzier the clothes. Vendors can be easily identified by the t-shirt icon on the map, and in the world itself.

Clothes are bought using ETO, the in-game currency earned from hacking ATMs, completing missions, and pilfering safes. So far ETO appears to be used exclusively for clothes (all of your tech upgrades use tech points), so feel free to splurge when you find something you like. Clothes in Watch Dogs: Legion can range from a couple hundred ETO, to a few thousand, and there are multiple categories to choose from. Overcoats, undershirts, hats, eyeglasses, gloves, pants, shoes, bags, earrings: you get the idea. You can also swap out and alter your operative’s wardrobe from any store kiosk in the city. Simply interact with the poster outside the store to bring up the store interface. From here you can preview any item available, purchase clothes, or use the wardrobe tab to change your appearance.

As a bonus tip, you can change the appearance of multiple operatives at once from your base of operations. The vendor there sells DedSec clothing, but you can also cycle through all your operatives and give them each a fresh new look. Sometimes a revolution needs more holographic clothing and neon.

- This article was updated on October 28th, 2020

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