What Are Limited Time Events in Star Ocean: The Second Story R?

If you spot an hourglass on your map, go check it out!

by J.R. Waugh
What Are Limited Time Private Actions Star Ocean Second Story R
Image: Gem Drops, Square Enix

Star Ocean: The Second Story R has plenty of enjoyment in store for JRPG fans looking to be entertained and challenged with its deep combat and IC/Specialty system. However, some fans are wondering what the Limited Time hourglass symbol events are in Star Ocean: The Second Story R!

Limited Time: What Does the Hourglass Symbol Mean in Star Ocean: Second Story R?

Limited Time events are incredibly beneficial and can even unlock playable characters in Star Ocean: The Second Story R. This includes characters like Ashton, who is a missable character you’ll not be able to recruit if you go later into the game and recruit Opera.

Image: Gem Drops, Square Enix

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These symbols will be visible in the Fast Travel menu (Guide Map) as well as your map in Star Ocean: The Second Story R, where you can interact with NPCs or party members to trigger special events. If you’re ever in doubt, check your mini-map to see the hourglass.

Anytime you see these available, do them when possible while being choosy when presented with a new party member opportunity. They can be fun and rewarding, including expanding into previously-explored dungeons and triggering some neat moments in the game.

What Are Limited Time Private Actions?

Limited Time Private Actions will have the green speech bubble icon with the ‘PA’ letters marking them on your map along with the hourglass symbol in Star Ocean: The Second Story R. These can be uniquely rewarding, and can sometimes include interactions that boost your friendship with fellow party members. It can offer passing glimpses into what other characters think of your chosen protagonist, and deepen your immersion into the character.

Limited Time Private Actions are also visible from the Fast Travel menu and minimap, so be sure to frequently consult it as you continue your playthrough. Any Limited Time events are worth your consideration but choose carefully when you get a chance to recruit someone.

- This article was updated on November 8th, 2023

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