What Does DDOS Do in Modern Warfare 2?

Bit of a cheeky name for the mechanic, isn't it?

by J.R. Waugh


Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 is the upcoming latest entry in the bestselling first-person shooter franchise. It draws in hundreds of millions of players thanks to its constant dedication to innovating and refining its acclaimed shooting experience and exhilarating multiplayer gameplay. Modern Warfare 2 appears to up the ante on multiple fronts, with brand new maps, modes, an overhaul of the Gunsmith mechanics, and even a new Warzone 2.0 experience. But one curious addition has players making double-takes, in the form of a field upgrade and its amusing name, the DDOS. What Does the DDOS Do in Modern Warfare 2? Read on to find out!

What Does DDOS Do in Modern Warfare 2?


Spotted by eagle-eyed players, the DDOS is a field upgrade with the following description: “Activates a device that deactivates electronics, and disrupts enemy sensors in the immediate area for a short time.

This means you can effectively set up a stationary EMP, jamming up enemy attempts at tracking you while you set up an ambush or otherwise contrive an advantage for yourself. This doesn’t feel new as a mechanic, but it is a cheeky name for the field upgrade, given the origins of the term inspiring the device. This field upgrade is similar to others in the game, such as the Munitions Box or Loadout Drop to deploy and use for tactical purposes or set up a defensive perimeter.

The DDoS, or “Distributed Denial of Service” is a form of hacking attack commonly used in gaming, weaponized by toxic players and trolls looking to cheat their way to advantage in online play. In addition to kicking players from the server to create an unfair advantage, causing opponents to experience lag, and ping spikes, but can also cause sensitive information to be leaked from devices, or even malware to be planted as a result. It’s a common and disconcerting problem in online gaming, so it’s a surprisingly brazen move to have a field upgrade bearing the DDOS name.

This concludes our coverage of the DDOS in Modern Warfare 2! Be sure to check out our other guides on the game for when it releases!

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 will release worldwide on October 28, 2022, for PC, PlayStation 4 and 5, Xbox One, and Series X|S.

- This article was updated on September 15th, 2022

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