What Does Reroll Campaign Do in Remnant 2? Explained

Here's what happens when you reroll the campaign in Remnant 2.

by Christian Bognar
Reroll Campaign Remnant 2
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Remnant 2 is a unique game where each playthrough can be vastly different from one another. This reason alone is why the reroll campaign option is so important! Are you wondering whether you should reroll your campaign or not? This guide will inform you of everything you need to know regarding the rerolling campaign in Remnant 2 and will also explain what carries over and what is lost for good.

What Changes When Rerolling Campaign in Remnant 2

Rerolling the campaign in Remnant 2 will allow the player to start the main story from the beginning while keeping all of the progress of their build. In other words, players will have to start from the first biome and work towards unlocking all the other ones again and replay the story from scratch but will keep all of their stats, equipment, traits, etc.

Should You Reroll Campaign in Remnant 2?

Rerolling the campaign is a great way to reset your game if you get stuck on a challenging boss or puzzle, as the new playthrough will remix everything, including the biome you’re on and even the puzzles and bosses you encounter. I found that this is a great way to find Tomes of Knowledge for Trait Points quicker, considering when you reroll, more will spawn out in the world.

Another reason to reroll the campaign is to level up quicker. Considering Remnant 2 gets more challenging as you make it further into each biome, starting from scratch may give you an easier shot later in your playthrough as your character will be stronger in the later half of the game. For example, I could unlock a second Archetype before reaching my second biome because I rerolled my campaign many times, allowing my character to level up.

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Keep in mind that when you reroll your campaign, you will encounter different cutscenes as well, as each playthrough is supposed to be unique compared to the one you previously had. This fact alone is why Remnant 2 has some of the most replayability out of any game released in the past couple of years.

How to Reroll Campaign in Remnant 2

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Players can reroll the campaign whenever they want by heading to Ward 13 and interacting with the crystal checkpoint. After activating the crystal, select World Settings at the bottom of the screen to bring up your campaign information. At the bottom of the campaign information screen, you can reroll the campaign and start the story over.

- This article was updated on July 20th, 2023

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