What is the Best Source of Clean Water in Sons of the Forest? Dirty Water, Explained

Are you tired of drinking dirty water in Sons of the Forest? Here's a quick guide on obtaining clean water so you can survive!

by Matthew Kevin Mitchell
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Patch 07 improves existing game mechanics and introduces several new features. Among these new features is a dirty/clean water system that enhances the game’s realism and increases the difficulty of survival. However, the game provides limited information on dirty water and the best methods to convert it to clean water. To help you out, here’s a comprehensive guide on how to get clean water in Sons of the Forest so you never go thirsty again.

How to get Clean Water in Sons of the Forest

With the new dirty/clean water feature, you must ensure your water is clean before drinking it because drinking dirty water will now cause a small amount of health damage. To avoid taking damage, you must boil dirty or collect clean water in a water collector. I have found that the Water Collector method is the best source of clean water in Sons of the Forest.

How to Make a Water Collector in Sons of the Forest

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The Water Collector can capture clean water during rainfall and is built using sixteen Sticks and one Turtle Shell. Using a Water Collector guarantees the collection of Clean Water, which will prevent you from taking damage when drunk. The quantity of water gathered is determined by the length of rainfall and how frequently it is utilized, with an estimated range of one to five drinks of water per batch. Clean water from the Water Collector will evaporate at one level per day during drying spells.

Where to Find Water in Sons of the Forest

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However, a Water Collector can’t be used if it isn’t raining, so your next best option is to collect dirty water from ponds, streams, rivers, or lakes (any freshwater source will do). Once you’ve gathered dirty water, follow the steps below to boil it into clean water. To make things easier, there’s a map available that shows the location of all the ponds. You can also use it to find streams, rivers, or lakes based on their shape and position on the map.

How to Boil Water in Sons of the Forest

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You can use a Cooking Pot and a Basic Fire/Fire Pit to boil dirty water from any freshwater source. Start by lighting a fire and equipping the Old Pot. Then, press C on the fire to interact with it, which will cause you to place the pot on the fire. In about 30 seconds, the water inside will boil and become clean. However, ensure you see the lid placed on the pot during this process. Otherwise, your water will remain dirty and will damage you if drunk. The clean water produced can be drunk once to quench your thirst or transferred to a Water Flask for later use.

- This article was updated on June 23rd, 2023

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