Where To Catch Silver Salmon in Palia

Silver salmon, worth gold.

by Alex Huebner
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In the cozy game of Palia, there are so many things to do, craft, grow, and catch as well as a wide assortment of people to talk to in the town. During your conversations with the townspeople, they may send you on a weekly quest to catch a specific fish, the silver salmon. If you’re looking to fulfill a quest, or even just fill up your catch list of the 100+ fish there are to capture, here’s where to catch the silver salmon in Palia.

How To Get Silver Salmon

The first fishing pole you receive will work for getting the silver salmon. While there is bait in the game, you won’t want to have any on your pole to catch this fish. During the evenings you should be able to catch a silver salmon anywhere along the river southwest of Kilima Village. I found my first few behind the tavern at around 11 pm in the game.

How To Get Your Fishing Pole

Before you can catch any fish, you’ll need to make sure you’ve obtained your fishing pole. When you first begin your adventure in Palia, the game will send you around to interact with various NPCs to obtain the many tools you need. As you make your way through enough of the main quest you’ll see Auni at your plot. Auni brings your mail and has a letter for you from Einar when you speak to him. The letter comes with your first fishing pole. As you level up in fishing, you can get better rods by speaking to Einar himself, usually found along the river southwest of Kilima Village during the day.

How To Use The Fishing Pole

Fishing in Palia is fairly simple. Equip your fishing pole by holding R and selecting it from the tools ring. Cast it by standing in front of water and holding your left mouse button, releasing when the blue ring is where you want it to be in the water. Once your bobber goes all the way under water, left click, then hold left to reel, moving your mouse left and right to keep the bobber within the indicator. If it is red, it will stop reeling closer and you’ll lose stamina. Make sure to keep it green and stop reeling if it isn’t.

- This article was updated on August 18th, 2023

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