Where to Find All 5 Blue Medallions on the Farm in Resident Evil 4 Remake

All 5 Blue Medallion locations explained.

by Diego Perez
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Resident Evil 4 has side quests now and one of the first requests you receive is to destroy five blue medallions hidden in the farm area at the beginning of the game. Side quests are obtained from blue flyers posted throughout the game, and the very first one offers 3 Spinel — which can be sold to the merchant for cash — if you take these medallions down. They can be quite tricky to find because of the game’s claustrophobic camera, but this guide will make this request incredibly easy.

All 5 Farm Blue Medallion Locations in Resident Evil 4

There are five total medallions to find and destroy. Here’s a brief summary of where each of them can be found.

  • Hanging in the second-story window of the eastern barn
  • Behind the spiked fence guarding a chest in the northeastern corner of the area
  • Inside the stables with the cows
  • On the corner of a building in the southern half of the area
  • Hanging from the ceiling inside the shack next to the well

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While most of these are easily spotted thanks to their blinding bright blue color, some of them can be hard to locate if you aren’t checking the right spots. Keep reading on for detailed locations for each medallion.

Blue Medallion Location #1

  • Resident-Evil-4-Blue-Medallion-1-Farm-Location-Map
  • Resident-Evil-4-Blue-Medallion-1-Farm

The first medallion is the hardest to find for most people since the camera obscures it unless you manually look up. Head to the western edge of the farm and you’ll find a rundown shed next to a well. The medallion is inside the shed hanging from the ceiling. You may need to step outside of the shed to get a good angle on the medallion.

Blue Medallion Location #2

  • Resident-Evil-4-Blue-Medallion-2-Farm-Location-Map
  • Resident-Evil-4-Blue-Medallion-2-Farm

The next medallion is the easiest of the five to find. Head to the big barn on the eastern side of the farm. The doors are barricaded, but there’s a huge open window on the second story. The blue medallion is hanging in the center of it. It’s an easy shot from anywhere in the area and it’s impossible to miss.

Blue Medallion Location #3

  • Resident-Evil-4-Blue-Medallion-3-Farm-Location-Map
  • Resident-Evil-4-Blue-Medallion-3-Farm

The third medallion is just a short distance from the second one. Head to the northeastern corner of the area where there’s a chest hidden behind a large wooden spiked fence. The blue medallion is hanging underneath a wooden walkway behind the fence. It may be tricky to line up a shot, but you can shoot it from this side of the fence with a little finesse.

Blue Medallion Location #4

  • Resident-Evil-4-Blue-Medallion-4-Farm-Location-Map
  • Resident-Evil-4-Blue-Medallion-4-Farm

The fourth blue medallion is a bit tricky to find since it’s located inside a dimly lit building. There’s a stable in the center of the farm with cows walking around. You’ve probably passed through here while searching for the other medallions. The fourth blue medallion is pinned behind a support beam. You can shoot it from inside the stable with the right angle, or you can line up an easy shot outside through the window.

Blue Medallion Location #5

  • Resident-Evil-4-Blue-Medallion-5-Farm-Location-Map-2
  • Resident-Evil-4-Blue-Medallion-5-1

The fifth and final medallion is one of the easiest to find. You may have even found it while searching for the other four. It’s located on the corner of the save room building with a typewriter in the southern portion of the area. There’s no trick to this one, just shoot it and you’re done with the side quest!

Once you’ve destroyed all five medallions, you can continue on with the main story until you meet the Merchant. At his shop, you can exchange the Spinel that you’ve earned from this request for rare items. You don’t have to worry about Spinel taking up any of your precious inventory space, either. It’s a currency that stays with you no matter what.

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