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Where to Find All Collectibles in Life is Strange 2 – Episode 3 “Wastelands”

Looking to 100% Life is Strange 2? We got you.

by Dylan Siegler


A new episode of Life is Strange 2 is out now, which means there are six new collectibles to find. If you’re having trouble tracking them down on your own, here is where you can find them all.

First of all, I would recommend going through the episode normally first, playing however you naturally play, before jumping into Collectible Mode afterward to pick up any collectibles you missed your first time through. To access Collectible Mode, select “Play Episode” from Life is Strange 2‘s main menu and then select the episode you want to play (in this case, Episode 3). If it’s an episode you’ve already played through, you will be brought to a screen displaying the various scenes in the episode. Not every scene has a collectible, but ones that do will have a fraction underneath the scene, indicating how many collectibles are in that scene and how many you already found. When selecting a scene to play through, make sure you press the button corresponding with “Play in Collectible Mode,” taking care to NOT accidentally press the button corresponding with “Play in Standard Mode,” which can overwrite your choices. In Collectible Mode, any narrative choices you make won’t be remembered; this mode is just for finding collectibles. Below, I’ll break down each scene, describing where you can find the collectibles in them.

Summer Breakdown

There are no collectibles in this scene. Feel free to skip it.

Rise and Shine

There is only one collectible in this scene and it’s great because it involves petting a dog. In this scene, Sean explores the campgrounds before heading out to work for the day. After exiting the tent, head over to the extinguished campfire in the middle of the campgrounds. Here, there is a dog lying on the ground, waiting to be pet. Obviously, you should pet the dog. After doing so, the dog will get up and wander around for a little bit. Follow the dog as it wanders. Eventually, the dog will stop and lie down again. Petting the dog again will cause it to get up and wander around some more. Follow it again and keep a close eye on it this time, because at some point, the dog will stop and sniff something on the ground before walking away. You can’t pet the dog anymore after this, so instead, inspect the area the dog sniffed and you will find a dead bird. You can pick up the skull of this dead bird and keep it as a collectible. One down.

Daggers Drawn

There aren’t any collectibles in this scene either. Moving on.

Redwood Curtain

No collectibles here. Onward.

Cash Crop

In this scene, Sean has to trim a bunch of marijuana buds. Try to do this quickly (while being careful to not mess up) because if you do enough of them, you’ll eventually reveal a pen that was hidden away in the pile of buds. Instead of picking up another bud to trim, you can pick up this pen, which is the second collectible. After collecting the pen, you can get back to work trimming more buds.

The Trimmigrants

Sean is back at the campgrounds and can explore the hub for a while before doing his chores. Before moving the water jugs, talk to Finn, who is sitting by a tree trying to make a carving out of a stick. After you finish talking to him, keep looking at him instead of walking away. He’ll give up on his carving and throw the stick behind him. Walk around the tree he’s leaning on to find the stick he threw. You can pick it up and add it to your collectible collection.

Skipping Stones

In this scene, Sean and Daniel are getting ready for some telekinesis training. Sean will tell Daniel that they should move to the other side of the lake before starting so that no one sees them. To progress the story, you’ll have to tell Daniel to use his powers to lift a large log. Walk to that large log, but instead of telling Daniel to move it, walk along the lake until you can’t anymore (it’ll be a short walk). On the ground, you’ll see two smaller logs crossed over each other. Walk around these logs until you find a fossil that you can pick up on the ground. This is the fourth collectible.

Campfire Tales

No collectibles to be found here.

Daily Grind

Nor here.

Pay Day

Here neither.

The Oath


Paradise Lost

I’m not sure if it’s a glitch or what, but Life is Strange 2 actually says that there are two collectibles in this scene and that I found both of them, despite the fact I only found one collectible here. Not entirely sure what that’s about, but here’s how to find the collectible I know about (and that apparently counts as two?). After talking to Cassidy about getting a tattoo (whether you actually agree to get a tattoo or not doesn’t matter), you can talk to Ingrid, who’s sitting by the fire with everyone else. If you talk to her, she’ll tell you that there’s a bunch of stuff outside her tent that she’s getting rid of and that you can take whatever you want. Walk over to her tent and inspect her stuff. Sean will grab a little horse figurine, which counts as the fifth collectible.

Midnight Swim

No collectibles.

Under the Hood

While looking for a way to steal one of Big Joe’s cars, you’ll be able to explore his lot a little bit. First, go over to his desk and search the toolbox. Take the screwdriver you find there and then walk over to the yellow locker behind the cars. Use the screwdriver to silently force it open. Inside, you’ll see a pile of bullets you can inspect. Inspect the pile, then you’ll be given the option to take one. Do it – this is the sixth and final collectible in Life is Strange 2‘s third episode.

Bad Harvest

Since you should’ve found all six collectibles by this point, there are none to find in this scene.

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