Where to Find The Wedding Rings in Turnip Boy Robs a Bank

"I now declare you wife and wife!"

by Drew Kopp
Image: Graffiti Games

One of the most wholesome side-quests in Turnip Boy Robs a Bank asks you to help the Blueberry Florist propose to her girlfriend, Strawberry. To show her love, the Florist wants to pop the question with a wedding ring, an ancient tradition in the post-apocalyptic world of Veggieville.

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You’ll need to find two rings before this side-quest is done, but the reward for helping this adorable couple tie the knot is more than worth the stress. Here’s how to find the wedding rings in Turnip Boy Robs a Bank.

Where to Find the “Diamond” Ring

Image: Graffiti Games

You’ll run into the Florist and Strawberry in the starting area of Seed Stock, and the Florist will very quickly inform you of her intent to make things official with Strawberry as soon as you talk to her. She asks you to bring her a ring she can use for her proposal, and a regular ring just isn’t good enough for someone as beautiful as Strawberry; she wants a ring with a big jewel on it.

You’ll be able to find a jeweled ring after you’ve beaten Mecha-Chad and entered the Cryptic Crypt. Once you’ve crossed the bridge of bones, you need to get to this section’s boss, keep going right, and head up once you reach the end of the hallway. Slash/blast the books in your way to enter the home of Pomegranate, a vampiric fruit who thinks his cape’s way cooler than it is.

Yet another lovestruck soul, Pomegranate asks you to deliver one of his love letters to a suitor who will appreciate his unique… charm. Fortunately, such a suitor exists in the form of Crangram, the wrinkly lord of the hellish dimension, “The Other Side.” You need to interact with Crangram to complete her granddaughter Crangelica’s questline, so there’s a distinct possibility you’ve already met her.

If you haven’t found Crangram yet, check all nearby elevators until you find one with a bloody pentagram drawn on its doors. Elevators like these will take you to “The Other Side,” where you must complete an enemy gauntlet in the arena for the right to talk to Crangram. Once you’ve cleared the arena, give her the love letter. She’ll give you a drawing of Pomegranate and ask you to deliver it to him.

Once you’ve returned to Pomegranate with Crangram’s drawing, he’ll reward you with a Ring Pop that counts as a jewel-encrusted ring. Head back to the Florist’s tent, and she’ll reward you with an adorable Trans-Rights Pet Rock you can give the Sad Pie.

Where to find the Gold Ring

Image: Graffiti Games

If you talk to Strawberry after giving the Jeweled Ring to the Florist, she’ll reveal that she’s also planning to propose to the Florist. Of course, she can’t give the love of her life any old ring, so she asks you to bring her a solid gold ring.

You won’t be able to fulfill this quest until you’ve gotten the Crowbar, which allows you to access the sewers. From here, you’ll need to progress through the tunnel until you reach the Mysterious Motherload. Everything in this area is gold, including the gold ring lying on the ground in the first room.

Once you bring the gold ring to Strawberry, she and the Florist will propose simultaneously. This adorable moment allows you to snag the ninth photograph you need to complete Annie the Avocado’s photograph quest.

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