Where to Get Tin Ore in My Time at Sandrock

Hey look! There's tin ore here!

by Alex Huebner
Image: Attack of the Fanboy

As your time as a builder goes on, you’ll need Tin Ore to upgrade your tools and build certain structures. Lucky for you, we know where to get tin ore in My Time at Sandrock and have broken it down here for you.

Mine the Abandoned Ruins

First, you’ll need to know how to mine in the Abandoned Ruins. Early in the game, you’ll see Rocky threatening Yan and have to build a Crane Lift to access the Ruins in the Picking Up the Slack mission. Once this is complete you can use the lift to get into the Ruins. Note that you may have to pay 20 Gols for a week’s worth of access to the Ruins after a while.

Once you’re in the Ruins you’ll need to equip your Pickhammer. Use the action button in the Ruins to clear away the dirt and break ore. You’ll need to find the covered doorways to get to the other levels of the ruins. Tin Ore begins showing up in small amounts on level 2.

Image: Attack of the Fanboy

Tin Ore looks like a tall, thin, silver crystal sticking straight up out of a rock. To break and collect the tin ore, approach it with the Pickhammer in hand. Once it is highlighted, swing your Pickhammer and it will begin to break down. It will automatically be added to your inventory, assuming you have space in your bag, as soon as it’s ready to be picked up.

Remember, you won’t be able to go to previous levels in the Ruins without paying a few Gols and resetting your relics. Don’t leave an area without collecting everything you want.

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How to Use Tin Ore

The most notable thing you’ll first find you need tin for is to make Bronze Bars at the Furnace. These are how you upgrade your Pickhammer and Axe to collect better materials for more stations and items. It takes 20 per Bronze Bar so make sure you pick up a lot of Tin Ore before you head back to craft.

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