Where to Read the Genshin Impact Official Manga

Check out where to read the official Genshin Impact manga

by Franklin Bellone Borges


Genshin Impact is without a shadow of a doubt a success, but did you know that the title has an official manga, which not only showcases events prior to those featured in the game, such as Diluc’s past but also features the first appearance of both the Fatui Harbinger Dottore and that of Collei, the latter which will be arriving at the game as part of its Sumeru patch? Now, to get you ready for the new chapter in the game’s storyline, here’s where you can read the official Genshin Impact manga.

Where to Read the Genshin Impact Official Manga

You can currently read the first 13 chapters of the Genshin Impact manga by heading to its featured page on the game’s official site. The chapters are also available both on Crunchyroll and on Webtoon. In total, the Genshin Impact manga is composed of 16 chapters, but the final three are unfortunately only officially available in either Japanese or Chinese. For those new to the media, it’s important to point out that, as with all manga, the title is read from right to left.

The manga series is highly recommended to all who love the game, as it not only features many of the elements talked about above but also offers more insight into not only the world of Teyvat but also its many characters. With that said, that’s not the first time a Hoyoverse IP dived into the format and received a manga series, as Honkai Impact 3rd made use of the media many times. Just like Genshin’s, you can currently read all of the Honkai impact 3rd manga titles, including the complete Second Eruption series, which features a total of 66 chapters, on the series’ official site.

Genshin Impact is currently available for PC, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, and mobile devices – Android, and iOS.

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