Which Difficulty is the Best in Wasteland 3?

Should you choose an easy or hard difficulty?

by Diego Perez

There are four difficulty levels in Wasteland 3, but which of these is right for you. Whether you’re a CRPG veteran or this is your first game of this kind, there’s a difficulty setting for you. Wasteland 3’s difficulty levels change more than just enemy damage and health. The higher difficulties have friendly fire enabled, adding another layer of strategy to the already complex combat system. You can customize each difficulty level to your liking, however, so you can play on the easiest mode with friendly fire enabled or disable it on the hardest difficulty.

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Which Difficulty Should You Choose in Wasteland 3?

There are four difficulty levels in Wasteland 3. Rookie is the easiest and intended for those interested primarily in the game’s story, while Supreme Jerk is the hardest and intended for masochistic players who want a brutal challenge.

  • Rookie – For players more interesting in story than combat, a less lethal sub-zero hellscape
  • Wastelander – For new and returning players who want to experience the wastes as intended, a harsh but fair apocalypse
  • Ranger – For veteran strategy game players seeking a challenge, a cruel and unforgiving world
  • Supreme Jerk – For the hardest of the hard, a soul-killing nightmare of brutality. Not even remotely fair.


Ranger and Supreme Jerk come with friendly fire enabled by default, but you can turn it off by selecting custom settings. You can also turn it on for Rookie and Wastelander if you want to spice things up on a less challenging difficulty level. If you’ve never played a CRPG before, you should select either Rookie or Wastelander. Wastelander is the game’s normal difficulty, and Rookie is the equivalent of easy in other games. If you’ve played other Wasteland games or other CRPGs, consider turning the difficulty up to Ranger. It’s the equivalent of hard in other games, but it should provide a fair challenge to experienced players. Only choose Supreme Jerk if you’re incredibly confident in your abilities. It’s the hardest difficulty in the game, and as the developers themselves have said, it’s “not even remotely fair.” No matter the difficulty you choose, check out our massive list of Wasteland 3 tips and tricks to help you survive the frozen wastes of Colorado.

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