Pokemon GO: Which Path Should You Choose in the Alola to Alola Event?

Find out which island is your best choice in the final Special Research Task in Pokemon GO!

by Shaun Cichacki


As the Season of Alola comes to a close in Pokemon GO, you’re about to experience one heck of a sendoff. You’ll be able to partake in quite a few different special research tasks for the Professor, and you’ll be sent out to catch, collect, and battle, visiting an island of your choice as a reward.

Each of these islands has its own rewards, so it may be hard to choose which one to go for. Thankfully, that’s what we are here for. Let’s jump right in, and find out which island you should visit as you close out your final days in Alola!

Alola ‘Oe for the finale in Pokemon Go


As you find yourself wrapping up your final research stories for the month, starting on May 25th at 10:00 am and running until May 31st at 8:00 pm local time, you’ll be able to go on a final adventure across the islands of the Alola region. Pokemon and rewards aplenty await you, but which island should you pick? Let’s run you through what you’ll find on each of them.

Melemele Island Path

  • Two Poffins
  • Lure Module
  • Four Lucky Eggs
  • Encounter with Alolan Raichu – Shiny Chance
  • Pom-Pom Styled Oricorio Hat Avatar Item
  • More items along the way

Akala Island Path

  • Incense
  • Two Incubators
  • Super Incubator
  • Encounter with Alolan Marowak – Shiny Chance
  • Pa’u Style Oricorio Hat Avatar Item
  • More items along the way

Poni Island Path

  • Rocket Radar
  • Three Star Pieces
  • Premium Battle Pass
  • Encounter with Alolan Exeggutor – Shiny Chance
  • Sensu Style Oricorio Hat Avatar Item
  • More items along the way

Ula’ula Island Path

  • Glacial Lure
  • Magnetic Lure
  • Four Incense
  • Encounter with Alolan Vulpix – Shiny Chance
  • Baile Style Oricorio Hat Avatar Item
  • More items along the way

Since every Pokemon GO player has a unique way to play the game, it’s up to you to pick which island path would work the best for you. If you’re eager to get right into it and don’t have much time to play the game, you’ll be able to access one of these Special Research Tasks for around $4.99, which is worth the price, due to the items that you’ll get along the way. Each path has a rough value of over $5, so it’s mainly finding which Pokemon you would like to add to your Pokedex, as well as which hat you would prefer for your avatar.

Since Alolan Raichu and Alolan Marowak will be available as 3-Star Raids, they may be the more enticing option to try and track down. Alolan Vulpix and Alolan Exeggutor can also show up in the wild, however, they are a rare spawn. The choice is yours as to which island to visit!

Pokemon GO is available now on mobile devices.

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