Why the Avengers Aren’t in Spider-Man 2 Explained

How come the famous superhero team isn't in Spider-Man 2?

by Christian Bognar
Spider-Man 2 Avengers
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You may have completed everything in Spider-Man 2 and are bummed that the famous Avengers never showed up. It’s a big mystery, but hopefully, this guide answers your questions as we will explain why the Avengers are not in Marvel’s Spider-Man 2.

Where are the Avengers in Spider-Man 2?

While there are no definite answers as to why the Avengers are not in Spider-Man 2, we have some predictions. The reason the big superhero team is left out of the game may be due to license issues.

For example, the owner of PlayStation, Sony, licenses the use of Spider-Man characters in their games, allowing them to bring that specific universe onto the PlayStation. And considering Insomniac Games is a PlayStation studio, they have the right to add all Spider-Man characters.

As for the Avengers, they are entirely their own thing, and Sony would have to get licenses to make this work. Getting the licenses to a franchise as big as the Avengers is costly, and although there is no confirmation, it could be something we see in the future Spider-Man games (I hope).

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It’s unfortunate that the Avengers aren’t in Spider-Man 2, especially because it makes the game feel less realistic. Yes, there are superheroes, which makes it less practical from the start, but there are specific points in the game where Miles and Peter could really use some help and don’t receive any. For example, when the Symbiotes take over, the fact that the Avengers don’t come to provide assistance makes the whole experience less believable.

What makes this even less believable is that players can actually find the Avengers building in Spider-Man 2, with the giant Avengers “A” on top of it. Okay, so if the Avengers building is right there, then why isn’t Captain America, Hawkeye, Hulk, or Thor coming to help me stop an invasion of aliens?

We believe the answer boils down to license issues. Then again, this is all a prediction. Insomniac Games and Sony could be working on something behind the scenes to get the Avengers added in future games, but we’ll have to wait and see.

- This article was updated on October 25th, 2023

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