Will Black Holes Be in Starfield?

Black holes are among the universe's most mind-bending phenomenon, but are they in Starfield?

by J.R. Waugh
Starfield Black Holes
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Fans are eager to hear any tantalizing details about Starfield. In a stunning rendition of the Milky Way Galaxy with 1000 explorable planets available upon launch, fans might be wondering what the limits are on this incredibly ambitious title. With the brilliant minds of Bethesda Game Studios at the helm of this mighty flagship, even the sky is no longer the limit. With fantasy realms, postapocalyptic wastelands, and various physical and seemingly interdimensional phenomena under Bethesda’s belt, fans are wondering, will black holes be in Starfield?

Can You Find Black Holes in Starfield?

Due to this game not being released just yet, we can only use Todd Howard’s cryptic “no comment”-style response as the sole official discussion on black holes in Starfield. You can find the podcast in question here where all manners of exploration in the game are discussed, from the glorious array of explorable worlds to ships, sidequests, and outposts. But when asked about black holes, he said he’d pass on the question and that you’d have to “wait and see.”

While that’s all that can officially be said, we can leave it to you, the players, to do the math on this one. Given Bethesda’s dedication to creating an immersive, grounded portrayal of our home galaxy (albeit with some mild liberties we’re sure) it’d not be unreasonable to expect this. The “wait and see” attitude seems like a dare for players to seek one out, and whether it’s part of the game’s story is yet to be revealed.

With the knowledge of supermassive black holes potentially being in any large galaxy, perhaps we’re in for something big during our adventures in Starfield. Or perhaps the black hole is metaphorical, as players could find themselves sucked into this game for weeks, months, or years to come. But for now, we’ll have to “wait and see.”

- This article was updated on September 2nd, 2023

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