Will Foamstars Be Free On PlayStation?

What kind of Splatoon is this?

by Davi Braid

The announcement of Foamstars‘ release date has sparked interest and led many to question if it will be free on PlayStation. So, will you have to splash the cash to pick up the Splatoon-like title on PS4 and PS5, or will you be able to nab yourself a copy for free? Here’s what you need to know.

Is Foamstars Free to Play on PlayStation?

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Image: Square Enix

Foamstars will not be free on PlayStation, except for PS Plus subscribers who download it during its release month. The game was released as one of the free PS Plus games of February 2024, for PlayStation Plus subscribers. For everybody else, the game will cost US$29.99/£24.99. After the month ends, PlayStation Plus subscribers will no longer be able to get the game for free. Note that the tier of your PS Plus subscription doesn’t matter here. Whether you have the Essential, Extra, or Premium, they all grant you monthly PS4 and PS5 downloadable games for free.

So, what is Foamstar? It’s been described by many as Sony’s Splatoon. However, instead of paint and weird avatars, we have stylish kids shooting foam at each other. This could be seen as Sony’s attempt to rival Nintendo’s successful Splatoon franchise. Despite not being as charming, Foamstars boasts superior graphics to Splatoon, which could be seen as a point of pride.

That said, superior graphics aren’t everything; a unique art style can be just as captivating, which is one of the reasons behind Splatoon’s success. We’ve already established that Foamstars will not be free on PlayStation, so what will truly matter for its success is the quality of the game, the level of support from the developers, and whether players find it worth paying for. While we know that the game offers a variety of modes and that Square Enix plans regular updates, only time will tell if Foamstars is here for the long haul.

- This article was updated on February 7th, 2024

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