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Wolcen – How to Fast Travel

You are never lost with a proper map.

by Brandon Adams


Wolcen has a huge, sprawling world for players to explore, and getting around via fast travel is as simple as opening the map. Whether you are hundreds of feet down in a dark mine, or wandering about decayed woods, you can pop about the world of Wolcen with impunity.

Open the map to select fast travel points you have unlocked, and click T to teleport to Town.

Much like Diablo, fast travel in Wolcen involves waypoints found out in the world. Once a player has stumbled across a waypoint it can be used to fast travel at any time. Just open the map, click the blue waypoint icon, and away you go.

Players can also return to town at any point by clicking T. You’ll channel a short spell, and once completed will sling yourself back to town. A portal will open over the town’s waypoint, and clicking it will return you to where you left off. You will be vulnerable as you cast this, so try and do so when enemies are not near. Furthermore, leaving the game from town with a portal up will remove the portal, so if you want to return where you left off you will need to pop open the map to return to the nearest waypoint once you log back in.

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