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Wolcen – How to Reset Skills, Change Skills

Altering your loadout doesn't require any skillful gymnastics.

by Brandon Adams


Like any good ARPG, Wolcen has a vast array of skills that will demolish your foes, and they can be reset and changed as you see fit. Thankfully, the process is simple.

You can reset and change skills in the skill menu at no cost.

You read that correctly: there are no penalties associated with changing or resetting skills. In the skill menu you will notice that you have skill modifiers that can be unlocked at certain levels at the cost of modifier points (earned from leveling the skill). At any point you wish to alter the modifier all you have to do is go to the skill menu, select the skill, then click the Reset button up top. You’ll be refunded your modifier points, and can redistribute them as you see fit.

Changing skills is as easy, though you can’t vacate a slot entirely. Granted, this image was from the early access, but nothing has changed with the launch of Wolcen: at the beginning of the game any skill you learn will populate an empty slot, until all skill slots are full. This doesn’t mean you are stuck with that skill, however (though, it’s not a bad way to earn experience towards skills you may use later if you choose to alter your build).

If you want to change skill out in Wolcen, all you have to do is open the skill menu, then drag the skill you want from the list of available skills down into the slot you want it in. That’s it. You can filter the available skills via the toggles at the top if you need something specific (like having only having the bow enabled for ranged skills). That’s all you need to do to reset and change skills.

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- This article was updated on:February 17th, 2020

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