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Wolfenstein 2: The New Colossus Guide — How to Get All Contraption Powers and Which to Choose

by William Schwartz


One of the new features in Wolfenstein 2: The New Colossus is in contraption powers that allow you tackle the game in different ways.  Each of the contraptions have a different purpose in the game and let you play stealthy, tactically, or more recklessly.

Throughout the course of the game you’ll be given one contraption power and you’ll be able to select from three:  The Constrictor Harness, Battle Walker Legs, and Ram Shackles.  This choice is an important one as levels are designed with roadblocks that can only be completed by using this contraption power to access new areas and progress.

Making a decision on which contraption you choose will change the way that you play, but you can unlock the other two contraptions by completing side missions on Eva’s by talking with your crewmates and doing the missions that they ask of you.  For example, if you’ve selected the Constrictor Harness, you can later then unlock the Battle Walker Legs and the Ram Shackles by doing these side activities on Venus to unlock the Legs and then another side mission in New Orleans to unlock the Ram Shackles.

Tackling side missions on Eva’s Hammer by interacting with the crew will also unlock a special power within the skill tree for each contraption.

To help you make your initial choice there is a little bit of an introduction to each of the items.

Constrictor Harness

The Constrictor Harness allows you to get through narrow spaces by crawling up to them.  B.J. will get smaller and go through small openings.  This contraption also has a couple of added benefits.  Regular movement is completely silent, while jumping and sprinting make less noise allowing you to play more stealthily.  Upon completing an Eva’s Hammer side mission you can unlock the Iron Lung perk which allows you to stay constricted for longer.

Ram Shackles

The Ram Shackles are basically shoulder pads that allow you to burst through some breakable surfaces like walls and other obstacles, and you can also use them to tackle enemies if in full sprint.  When using the Ram Shackles, explosions will no longer knock you to the ground, and you’ll be able to throw grenades and hatchets with more power.  Upon completing an Eva’s Hammer side mission you can unlock the Mechanic ability which allows you to regenerate armor.

Battle Walker

The Battle Walker is essentially a pair of stilts that can be used to gain an elevated position while in combat.  By double tapping the jump button, you can extend the legs, allowing you to reach new heights or fight enemies from a higher position.  The Battle Walker’s secondary perks are Quick Draw, which slows down time when selecting weapons in the weapon wheel — Players will also get a health boost when killing an enemy with the Battle Walker enabled.  A final perk is available to unlock upon completion of an Eva’s Hammer side mission that allows for more Stamina.  Overcharged health on begins to go down when taking damage.

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