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Wolfenstein 2 The New Colossus Guide: Save Wyatt or Fergus?

by William Schwartz


Wolfenstein 2: The New Colossus gives you a very important choice at the beginning of the game.  You’ll be asked to choose between two characters to save.  For those that have played The New Order, this choice will be familiar.  You’ll be asked by General Deathshead to save either Wyatt or Fergus.

Your decision not only impacts the storyline of the game, but it also grants you a special weapon to use for the entirety of the campaign.  First let’s start with the story elements.  Depending on who you choose to save, the story will change quite a bit in Wolfenstein 2.  If you choose Wyatt to be saved, Fergus will not be included in the game and vice versa.  Each character offers new dialogue options and cutscenes.  While it doesn’t change the story entirely, it does have an impact.

You’ll need to make this choice at the very beginning of the game and it does not tell you that you’ll get a different weapon depending on who you choose to save.  The decision that Deathshead asks you to make is to sacrifice one character or the other.  Whoever you select, the opposite one will be alive in Wolfenstein 2.   If you choose to sacrifice Fergus, your super weapon will be the Dieselkraftwerk.  If you choose to sacrifice Wyatt, your super weapon will be the Laserkraftwerk       .


Wyatt – Dieselkraftwerk

The Dieselkraftwerk has ammunition that sticks to walls and enemies on impact.  It’s almost like a sticky grenade launcher.

Using the Dieselkraftwerk is pretty self explanatory.  Press RT to fire and place the Blitzen Diesel canisters.  Press LT to detonate the canisters.  If you hold LT while firing, the canisters will detonate on impact rather than stick to an enemy or surface.

The Dieselkraftwerk can also be used to blow up certain doorways and you’ll need it to progress.  The gun’s ammunition can be refilled at RED refueling stations.


Fergus – Laserkraftwerk

The Laserkraftwerk fires a high energy laser beam.  It disintegrates most enemies with a single shot, and can significantly reduce the amount of time it takes to put down heavily armored enemies and mechanical units like the Panzerhund.

Using the Laserkraftwerk is also pretty self explanatory and easier to use than the Dieselkraftwerk as you don’t have to worry about the detonation process.  LT aims the weapon while RT shoots it.  It can be upgraded with higher capacity, a scope, and a charged blast.

The Laserkraftwerk is also used to melt thin sheets of metal.  This gun is charged at BLUE charging stations that can be found in different areas of a level.

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