Today’s Wordle Answer #298: Hints for Wednesday, April 13

Need some help with today's Wordle?

by Diego Perez


Looking for the answer to Wordle 298 on Wednesday, April 13? You’ve come to the right place. There have been a few tough Wordle words these past few days, and today’s word continues that trend. It’s not an uncommon word, but the spelling appears strange at first glance, making it a tricky solution to guess.

If you’re having trouble guessing today’s word or just want to save your long-running Wordle streak, then don’t worry. We’ve got your back with tips, hints, and the answer for Wordle 298 on Wednesday, April 13.

Hints for Wordle April 13

Here are a few hints for Wordle 298.

  • There are no double letters in this word.
  • This word contains one vowel.
  • This word begins with the letter C.
  • This word ends with the letter K.
  • This word can be both a noun and a verb.

If you still can’t guess today’s word, then here’s one final hint: this word refers to a piece of something.

Today’s Wordle 298 Answer

If you still can’t guess today’s word even with all of the hints listed above, then there’s no shame in just looking up the answer. A ton of people do it anyway. Scroll down below the image to see the solution to Wordle 298.


The answer to the April 13 Wordle is CHUNK.

How Does Wordle Work?

Wordle is a daily word game that tasks players with guessing a random five-letter word everday. You only have six guesses before you’re locked out for the day, so things can get a bit stressful.

If a box turns green, then that means you’ve correctly guessed a letter. If it turns yellow, it means the letter is in the word but it should be in a different spot. If a box turns gray, that letter isn’t in the word at all. These hints are all the help that you’ll get when trying to guess the daily Wordle word.

Wordle was created by Josh Wardle, a software engineer who wanted to create a game for his wife who loves word games. It spread like wildfire once it was released earlier this year, and it was acquired by the New York Times shortly after blowing up. It’s still free for everyone, however, so you can try out Wordle for yourself if you want a taste of the craze.

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