World War Z: Aftermath Update 1.29 Patch Notes

World War Z: Aftermath is receiving a small update for Halloween fans.

by Carlos Hurtado

Update 1.29 has arrived for World War Z: Aftermath, and here’s the full list of changes and fixes added with this patch. The last update was filled with reworks, and perk buffs to the new Vanguard class, making it more important in later matches. Other changes were made like improved image sharpness and a new Australian server, improving the game’s experience and quality for players who didn’t have a closer sever to connect to. This patch brings its share of fixes, balances, PC-specific quality of life updates, and a small content addition for the upcoming holiday.  Here’s everything new with World War Z: Aftermath update 1.29.

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World War Z: Aftermath Update 1.29 Patch Notes

World War Z: AFTERMATH gets a free Halloween update today!

  • The new contagious BOOSTER zombie type was added to all episodes.
  • Daily Challenges for community rewards every day you play.
  • Rare Lore Documents to find and collect!.

The Booster is armed with concentrated biosamples, it makes all zombies around it even more deadly. Spot Boosters in the swarm and take ‘em out quick!

New Daily Challenges begin today! Survivors will have new opportunities to earn bonus in-game rewards every day with objectives like melee kill quotas, virus sample extraction, rare lore documents to collect, and much more.

Today’s update also includes even more enhancements, optimizations, and fixes – including further improvements to the new Vanguard-class and more. Here are full patch notes:


  • Added new special enemy – Booster
  • Added new daily challenges system
  • Added new documents pickup that will spawn in daily and weekly challenges maps
  • Collecting documents will unlock additional lore and level perks


  • Melee attacks against prone and sitting zombies while wielding light melee weapons now deals the same damage as medium weapons


Reworked block mechanic:

    • Block stamina (progress bar over the crosshair) is spent gradually each second you block. Full block stamina allows you to take any amount of hits for 5 seconds, no matter how many zombies attack you and how many are killed as a result.
    • Each time you spend block stamina, a small portion of equipment charge (progress bar over the equipment icon on the HUD) is also spent. Full block spends half of the charge. If you haven’t blocked incoming damage – you won’t spend any equipment charge.
    • You can activate the block even if you’re low on equipment charge, but you’ll also have less block stamina. If you don’t have any equipment charge left, you’ll only have the stamina to block a single attack and won’t be able to use the block for the next 5 seconds.

Passive Aggression perk changed from:

  • “Players can kill 40% more zombies with a Shield Block” To: “Shield Block can withstand incoming hits for 3 more seconds (base: 5 seconds)”

Sturdy perk changed from:

  • “When your Shield Block ends due to reaching your kill limit, you gain a temporary health boost” To: “When your Shield Block is completely expended, you gain a temporary health boost”

Quick Hands perk changed from:

  • “Your primary and secondary weapons are reloaded after using a Shield” To: “Blocking a zombie hit or performing Shield Charge reloads your primary and secondary weapons”

Adrenaline Rush perk changed from:

  • “Using a Shield fully restores melee stamina” To: “Blocking a zombie hit or performing Shield Charge fully restores melee stamina”

Long run perk:

  • Additional speed and distance bonus decreased to 20% from 30%.
  • Now Shield won’t protect you from deadly threats such as fans in the Jerusalem Episode.


  • Explosive bolts fired from Repeater X crossbow will damage Rats as intended.


  • Fixed freezes on next-gen consoles.
  • Various fixes and improvements.
  • Fixed several gameplay crashes.
  • Fixed issue with not being able to control character movement speed when using a controller.


  • Added option to rebind scoreboard to another button.
  • Added Steam Input support.

This free October content update is going to bring some novelty to the game, adding a new enemy now available on all maps while making stability improvements and further balance changes to the Vanguard-class. Many players will be returning to the game after this update, and for good reason. World War Z: Aftermath is an outstanding co-op shooter, and it’s getting better after every update. If you missed update 1.28, go to our article and find out what other changes were made before this update.

World War Z: Aftermath is available now on PC, PS4, Xbox One. For more information regarding the update, visit the official World War Z Steam page.