World War Z: Aftermath Update 1.28 Patch Notes

The Vanguard-class got some well-deserved changes and buffs, so you should give it a try next time you go into a match.

by Carlos Hurtado


Update 1.28 has arrived for World War Z: Aftermath, and here’s the full list of changes and fixes added with this patch. World War Z: Aftermath launched in September, and since then, the developers have made some changes improving the games’ stability, performance, and even gameplay. In the last couple of patches, they did some balance changes to the Rats. The developers Increased the damage taken from bullets, decreased their damage input, and even scaled their numbers based on how many players were in a match, making them less punishing for all players. Here’s everything new with World War Z: Aftermath update 1.28.

World War Z: Aftermath Update 1.28 Patch Notes


  • The Vanguard no longer takes friendly fire damage when using the shield.
  • The shield’s protection will be retained for an additional 0.7 seconds after the block or charge ends.
  • The shield now protects from any damage coming from the front, including Bomber explosions, Infector attacks, and automatic turret fire (it won’t protect from the Gasbag cloud though).
  • Base charge damage and kill count increase. Now it kills up to 14 enemies (was 8) and kills the Lurker and Gasbag on any difficulty.
  • Vanguard can perform 3 blocks per charge (was 2), but blocking ends after 6 kills (was 8).
  • Ending a block without killing anyone will no longer spend an ability charge.
  • Slightly increased base charge maneuverability.
  • Slightly increased base walking speed in block.
  • Slightly increased shield charge hit area.
  • Slightly increased shield block protection angle.
  • Shield block will no longer be interrupted by the Lurker’s jump attack.
  • Made blocking a charging Bull easier even if it is not targeting you.
  • Fixed several bugs that were significantly affecting shield usability and efficiency:
    • Sometimes the Bull could grab the player while he was blocking or charging.
    • In some circumstances, the shield charge couldn’t kill the intended amount of zombies.
    • The shield was not regenerating while playing with the Looter mutator.
    • Block was ending too fast when a player was surrounded by a swarm.
    • In some cases, shield ability stopped regenerating when using Outer Shell and Recuperation perks.
  • Now you will not be able to get onto invalid objects and get stuck when charging over the edge from heights.

Vanguard Perks

  • Reworked Armor Plated perk effect. Now applies 3 seconds of invulnerability when the player starts interacting with anything (10-second cooldown).
  • Switched positions of Hurry Back perk and Armor Plated perk in the perk tree.
  • For the On Your Feet perk, the player no longer loses the rest of his charge when the perk is triggered.
  • The player gains 2 charges instead of 1 for the Conditioning perk.
  • Decreased speed and distance bonus from 30% to 20% for the Long Run perk.
  • Increased charge duration bonus from 0.5 seconds to 1 second for the Linebacker prestige perk.
  • Reduced cooldown from 60 seconds to 30 seconds for the Pickpocket perk.
  • Sturdy perk grants temporary health when the block ends.


  • Rats can no longer be “woken up” by zombies.
  • Rats can no longer change their target from a downed player to his teammates if they are far away.

First-Person Mode

  • Adjusted zoom and weapon position when aiming for more comfortable close-quarters combat.


  • Tomahawk, Fire Axe, and Hammer animations are more responsive now.
  • Increased max ammo capacity for Special SMG.
  • Fixed issue with non-explosive crossbow bolts not penetrating chain link fences.
  • Fixed several minor bugs with firearm models.


  • Fixed the inability to unlock the Wakizashi and the Extreme Mk110 Sniper Rifle version when playing private games with mutators that are not decreasing the rewards.
  • Fixed several bugs with firearm sounds.
  • Fixed rare cases where the player could take damage and die right after a level intro.
  • Fixed issues with the “Well, What Did You Achieve?” trophy not getting awarded for finishing all base levels on Insane Difficulty.
  • Improved responsiveness of using the Medkit to heal teammates.
  • Fixed a bug that prevented the explosion effect in the outro cinematic of “The Final Push” level from playing”.
  • HUD can now display up to six carried items.
  • Fixed several gameplay crashes
  • Fixed several connectivity issues.
  • Dedicated servers in Australia added.

PC Specific

  • Improved overall image sharpness when using FSR.
  • Fixed issue with gamma when using FSR.

The Vanguard-class was the most affected by this update, in a good way. The balance changes and small rework to the class will make it much more appealing to the players that avoided playing with it. Many bugs were fixed, so the experience should be a lot smoother than before.

One of the most interesting additions is the new dedicated servers for Australia. Now Australian players are going to have a much better experience overall next time they play in their servers.

World War Z: Aftermath is available now on PC, PS4, Xbox One. For more information regarding the update, visit the official World War Z Twitter page.

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