World War Z – What Are the Classes, List of Available Classes

Proper teamwork is the difference between life and death.

by Brandon Adams
World War Z - What Are the Classes, List of Available Classes

World War Z has six classes for players to choose from, and these can be picked with absolute freedom. Classes are not married to characters in the game, so players are encouraged to pick and specialize within a class to better assist their team with survival and success. Classes can be picked while queued for a mission, though they can be customized at anytime outside of a match.

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Classes are leveled up by playing the game: completing or failing missions will earn you class experience, and the harder the mission the more experience earned. As classes level they will unlock additional perks for use, and can eventually prestige for additional primary perks that change how they play. Outside primary perks, all secondary perks must be purchased with Supplies earned in-game before they can become active. There is a full guide on that process here.

Below are the six classes in World War Z, and a brief synopsis of their roll.

  • Gunslinger: The ranged slayer of the group, Gunslingers start with frag grenades and the Compact SMG. Their perks allow them to grow more powerful with consecutive kills, not suffer from movement penalties while aiming, reduce friendly fire damage, and to replenish ammo when they would otherwise run dry.
  • Hellraiser: These survivors are the explosives experts on a team, capable of carrying C4 and Claymores. Hellraisers start with C4, the Shotgun, and Hailstorm MGL secondary weapon. Their perks allow them to reduce explosive damage suffered by both themselves and their team, gain ammunition from equipment kills, and generally lay waste to more zeds with their explosives. Phenomenal crowd-control well played properly.
  • Medic: The healer of the groups, Medics carry a Stim Pistol, Compact SMG, and a free Medkit. Their perks allow them and the team to heal for more from Medkits, buffs their Stim Pistol, gain Medkits from healing and killing, and all-around heal the team more effectively. These are the people you want around when you are struggling to stay alive.
  • Fixer: A support class by trade, Fixers start with a Supply Bag of explosive ammo and Scout Rifle. Fixer perks allow them to increase the team’s ammo count, more easily refresh their ammo, conceal their location from zombies with Masking Grenades, and can even boost the ammo count for heavy weapons and emplaced defenses. Keep these guys around to never run low on bullets.
  • Slasher: The Gunslinger’s melee-focused cousin, the Slasher starts with a Stun Gun and Compact SMG, and their melee strikes hit two targets for twice the damage when they are not tired (and if they are out of stamina they’re melee strikes are not slowed). Their perks allow them and the team to perform more melee strikes, to mask themselves with consecutive melee kills, and overall perform better when out of ammo. If you don’t have a Fixer then a Slasher will compensate.
  • Exterminator: These brutes are the Hellraisers’ arson-inclined twins. Exterminators start with a Molotov Cocktail and Shotgun, and deal 25% more damage to zombies during swarm attacks. If the Hellraiser is all about taking out gaggles of the undead with explosives, then the Exterminator is their incendiary counterpart. Their perks allow them to lay down area denying fire more often, and boost their team’s use of heavy and emplaced weapons. Another excellent crowd control option, especially with their focus on automatic weapons.

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