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WWE 2K17 Guide: How To Get A 5 Star Match To Earn VC

by Damian Seeto


One of the things you need to do in order to earn VC (virtual currency) in WWE 2K17 is get 5 star matches. Here’s some tips in order for you to achieve this.

A factor that allows you to earn bonus points for an interesting match is move variety. Unlike Brock Lesnar, don’t do German Suplexes over and over again as this will bore the crowd.

You have to do different types of moves for the crowd to like your match. Jump from the top rope, use weapons (in a No DQ match), use submissions, do dives or more. Every little move counts.

Another thing you have to do is have a back and forth match. This means you may have to counter your opponent’s moves in WWE 2K17. Just use the right trigger (Xbox) or R2 (PS) to counter moves.

If you watch WWE, you’ll know John Cena matches are full of him kicking out at the count of two. In order to make your match interesting, let your opponent beat you up and pin you. If you kick out of their pinfall at the count of two, you will excite the crowd.

Lastly, you will have to excite the crowd in WWE 2K17 by doing signatures, finishers or OMG finishers. You can get a lot of points by doing your finisher more than one time. You can also do OMG finishers by going to the commentator table or by resting your opponent by the barricade in some arenas.

If you follow these steps, you should get a 5 star match and earn yourself a lot of VC to spend on the unlockable items.

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