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WWE 2K20 – How to Use Paybacks

Taking damage will fill your payback meters.

by William Schwartz


Payback Abilities are one of the features in WWE 2K20 that lets you charge up mulitple payback abilities that can be used in a match.  There are actually two payback abilities that can be used on each wresteler.  There are level 1 and level 2 payback moves and depending on which one you’re trying to use there will be different requirements, but the buttons that you need to press will remain the same.

To use the Payback ability you will need to charge up your Payback meter.  You can observe this meter by looking at the two icons in the bottom of the screen under your character’s health.  Level 1 payback abilities will be weaker moves and will be earned more frequently that the level 2 moves which are more powerful.

Using a payback, whether level 1 or level 2 will completely reset all of your payback meters.  Depending on the payback move that you are trying to use, some of the level 2 abilities will have different restrictions on the types of matches they can be used in and how many times they can be used in a match.  Payback abilities can be customized prior to a match.

How to change Payback


In the character select screens you can scroll down to the Edit Payback option and you will be able to select both your level 1 and level 2 paybacks.

Payback meters fill as you receive damage and they will fill in order.  So, as you take damage from your opponent you will see your level 1 payback fill.  Once the yellow level 1 payback meter is filled the second payback ability meter (red) will begin to fill.  Once the level 2 is filled you will have the option to use these powerful attacks.  However, if you use the level 1 ability it will reset progress towards the level 2 ability.


To actually execute the payback you will press the RT + Y Buttons on Xbox or the R2 + Triangle Buttons on PlayStation.  You definitely need to be careful when doing some of the payback moves in WWE 2K20.  It’s highly likely that you will get disqualified if the referee sees you do some of the moves.

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