XCOM: Chimera Squad – How to Use Androids

These robotics allies can replace downed agents.

by Diego Perez

XCOM: Chimera Squad features 11 agents each with their own unique backstories and abilities, but you can also purchase androids to serve as backup units in case a Chimera Squad agent is incapacitated on a mission. These androids have their own place in the Armory and can be equipped with various weapon attachments and upgrades, making them essentially a disposable squad member you can purchase for Credits. They aren’t a full-on replacement for Chimera Squad troops, but they are an indispensable part of any successful commander’s strategy.

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How to Use Androids in XCOM: Chimera Squad

Androids can be purchased for Credits in the Supply at HQ. Before you can purchase them, however, you’ll need to research them in the Assembly by completing the Android Personnel project, which only takes 1 day to complete. Finishing this Assembly project grants you an Android unit for free, but if it goes down, you can always buy a replacement. Androids serve as backup units that can take a downed Chimera Squad agent’s place during a mission. If someone is downed and stabilized, an Android can join the surviving squad members in their stead at the next breach.

Unlike the rest of Chimera Squad, Androids can be killed if they take enough damage. They can also be equipped with various weapon and armor upgrades, although you’ll have to complete some Assembly projects like Modular Androids before you can customize them extensively. These units cannot be renamed and they cannot be sent on a mission as a part of the initial squad. Their only purpose is to make sure you can still have a full squad if someone goes down early in a mission. Even if you’re an XCOM expert, agents will still go down occasionally, so it’s good practice to always keep an Android on standby just in case you end up needing one during a particularly tough encounter.

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