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Yakuza Kiwami: The Best Way To Make Money

by Ivonne Vazquez


Struggling to make cash in Kiwami? Most players do. For any returning players from Yakuza 0, you’re likely quick to discover that Kiwami is way less lenient when it rewards players with money. Never fear, the world of Yakuza revolves around money, so there will always be ways to abuse the system.

Arguably the most effective way of grinding is the Colessium matches that you unlock in Chapter 6.  Participating here is mandatory for story progression. After your first 3 matches, you will be able to visit the Colosseum whenever you want and participate in it’s matches.  Clearing each match going forward will give you a large sum of money (50,000 yen for Exhibition T, and the sum increases when you unlock later matches) the first time you complete it, afterward, you will be given a lesser, set amount each time you go back and complete a previous one. Each time you complete a match you will also receive experience points that will go towards your rank in the tournament, you can get also get bonus exp by doing things such as not getting hit during a round or clearing the crowd-pleaser prompts that pop up occasionally.

Reaching Rank B will unlock the match Breakout GP which is where you make your money. It is a modified version of the Weapon Master match where you will choose a weapon that you will carry with you the entire arena, but instead of just defeating your enemy, you know have the option to push them out of bounds to quickly end the match. Choosing the weapon Sturdy Knife each time you enter is your best pick for the grind. It will break barriers in one to two hits, and hits fast, and has decent knockback. Almost perfect for breaking barriers and pushing enemies off the arena.

Your first time completing this arena will net you 300,00 yen, and every subsequent victory will give 20,000.  Clearing matches with the Sturdy Knife and just pushing enemies off will take about 10-20 seconds each time, which would be about 1,200,000 yen a minute. 


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