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Yakuza: Like a Dragon – How to Summon in Battle

Poundmates to the rescue!

by Joshua Garibay


Summons can change the tide of battle in Yakuza: Like a Dragon. The powerful ability allows Ichiban to call in (or summon) mighty characters to aid in a fight. And the impact of these drop-in combatants can be devastating to enemies and life-saving for allies.

Here’s how you can add the skill to Ichiban’s multi-purpose phone for quick access during encounters.

How to Use Summons

The summon feature is granted through story progression, so it cannot be missed. During Chapter 4: Dragon of Yokohama, Ichiban’s group will return to Otohime Land. As they nearly arrive, the “A Trip to Pound Town” substory will initiate. Completing the hilariously odd substory will give access to the Poundmates app and the very first summon, Gary Buster Holmes.

To use a Poundmate, select Etc. from the available combat options when engaged in battle. On the next set of options, choose Poundmates. This will open another screen with the Poundmates currently available to Ichiban. With a furious swiping of his finger, Ichiban can summon the chosen Poundmate to enter battle.

There are a few things to keep in mind when summoning Poundmates. The very first use of an unlocked Poundmate is free. Subsequent summons cost money, not MP, which can run several thousand Yen. Aside from the first free use, players will need to be strategic with summons early on to avoid eating through their acquired cash.

Another restriction of note is that a given Poundmate can only be summoned once per battle. They will not become available again until the fight has finished. There are other situational conditions that crop up throughout the story, such as time of day and phone reception playing a factor for summon availability. Make sure you remain aware of these conditions as increasingly difficult battles present themselves.

Other than that, you are ready to get out there and start collecting Poundmates. The summons can be accrued through the completion of various substories, so be sure to clean up as many of those double text icons from the map as possible. Having a varied list of backup allies will ensure that Ichiban is adequately prepared for every scenario.

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