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Yu-Gi-Oh! Duel Links: How to Get Red-Eyes Darkness Dragon – Tag Duel Tournament

A rather late resurface of a fan favorite card.

by Victor Vellas


The newest Tag Duel Tournament is still on-going right now, and everyone has a chance to grab a Red-Eyes Darkness Dragon for free, alongside other interesting cards.

Joining the Tag Duel Tournament.

In order to obtain this form of the infamous red-eyed beast, you need to of course participate in the event. By fighting random NPCs in Duel World, you can earn Friendship Letters, which in result you can use for fighting inside the Tag Duel Tournament, together with familiar faces like Yugi Muto and Jaden/Yubel. PvP battles also award you with such items, up to 3 times per day.

As you advance through the Tournament, you will gather Lottery Coins which you spend at the Lottery of course, with great rewards to boot. Including Red-Eyes Darkness Dragon! Also, the better your Duel Assessment score is, the more Coins you will get, so it is highly advised to try and create a Deck that will handle Tournament opponents with ease. There is always a chance that a Challenger will also appear after a Tag Duel match, who will earn you extra Coins if you beat them. Make sure to watch out for such a chance.

Extra copies.

Additionally, you can get an extra Red-Eyes Darkness Dragon through the Card Trader EX. If you have the necessary EX Jewels gathered, you can trade them for a bonus copy of the Card.

Lastly, one more extra copy can be obtained by winning the Round 3 of the GX Cup, within the event, so try to complete it all the way to the end.

The card itself is rather outdated at this point, however offering it as a grand reward in an event, could indicate that more support is coming for our beloved black dragon. We can only wait and see, so let’s all do our best for this event, to grab at least the two certain copies of Red-Eyes Darkness Dragon (in case our Lottery luck doesn’t seem to do the trick).



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