All Chainsaw Man Arcs in Order

Learn everything you need to know about the Chainsaw Man story arcs so far here!

by J.R. Waugh
Chainsaw Man Arcs
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Chainsaw Man is one of the trendiest anime and manga around. It’s immensely stylish, characteristically insane and outlandish, and a truly great story to follow. But if you’re compelled or are hearing about certain phases in the story that are especially exciting, you might want to know where they fall in the greater series canon. Here are all the Chainsaw Man arcs, listed in order!

All Chainsaw Man Story Arcs in Order

The first thing one should note when considering this is that Chainsaw Man has two separate parts, the second having begun in July 2022. Part 1 primarily follows Denji, while Part 2 takes place years later, with the story’s plot and world evolving, and Denji’s legacy having grown immensely. Starting with Chapter 98, the story shifts over to Asa Mitaka, who acts as the War Fiend and host to Yoru.

The Chainsaw Man story arcs in order are as follows:

Chainsaw Man Part 1: Public Safety Saga Arcs

The Public Safety Saga follows Denji as he is thrown into a crazy world where people’s fears manifest in deadly devils. Chief among these threats includes the Gun Devil, with other nefarious enemies lurking and revealing themselves in the arcs below:

  • Introduction Arc (manga chapters 1-4, anime episodes 1-2)
  • Bat Devil Arc (chapters 5-12, episodes 2-5)
  • Eternity Devil Arc (chapters 13-21, episodes 5-7)
  • Katana Man Arc (chapters 22-39, episodes 8-12)
  • Bomb Girl Arc (chapters 40-52)
  • International Assassins Arc (chapters 53-70)
  • Gun Devil Arc (chapters 71-79)
  • Control Devil Arc (chapters 80-97)

In this saga we see Denji grow into his role and determine where his loyalties lie while growing in his ambitions. It’s in this saga that his character achieves greater depth, as someone constantly losing others around him and simply desperate to experience feeling loved.

Chainsaw Man Part 2: School Saga Arcs

The School Saga (or Academy Saga) follows a time skip after the Public Safety Saga. Denji has started going to high school, where the focus shifts away from him towards the War Devil and Asa Mitaka, who seeks revenge against Chainsaw Man while going to the same school as Denji in the arcs below:

  • Justice Devil Arc (manga chapters 98-111)
  • Dating Denji Arc (chapters 112-120)
  • Falling Devil Arc (chapters 121-131)
  • Unnamed Current Arc (chapters 132-onward)

It’s exciting following this story, as it has sharply increased in depth and nuance compared to other contemporary Shonen manga. We look forward to seeing just how far the story will go in the future!

- This article was updated on September 7th, 2023

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