Berserk Chapter 374 Leaks Seemingly Reveal New Announcement About the Future of the Series

Learn more here about the latest news and leaks for Berserk Chapter 374 and beyond!

by J.R. Waugh
Berserk Chapter 374 Leaks and Announcement
Image: Studio Gaga / Hakusensha

Berserk remains in a nebulous state over the recent months due to a long-lasting hiatus before the release date of Chapter 374. While fans knew the series would face challenges given the absence of its creator, Kouji Mori, and Studio Gaga are holding onto the torch. It’s been several years since Kentaro Miura’s passing and the series has published numerous chapters still upholding the lofty artistic standards of the series, but the silence has been deafening lately. However, thanks to leaks from the studio, Berserk seems to have an update, either about the release of Chapter 374 or the entire series.

Berserk Leaks: Possible Announcement Coming in September, Chapter 374 is Complete

According to Yoshimitsu Kurosaki’s X account, not only is Berserk Chapter 374 ready pending a release date despite doubts, but there’s a big announcement in September. This at least confirms the continuous delay leaks of the series going through the month from other sources. This is hopeful news for fans who had been worried all this time.

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However, Kurosaki also went on to say that, coinciding with the September 29, 2023 release of Berserk Volume 42, there would be “an official announcement.” Fans were understandably spun into a frenzy over the possibilities of what this means.

Due to the ambiguous statement, it could reasonably be interpreted as an announcement for future manga releases, an anime, or a new game. Given his recent tweets about having played Armored Core 6, noting pose references to Berserk bringing the series back into focus, it seems doubtful this announcement is bad news. But another stab at the anime would be welcome news. Or, you know, a Berserk Soulsborne game, since Kurosaki is bringing up FromSoftware titles.

- This article was updated on September 7th, 2023

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