Chainsaw Man Chapter 137’s Title Contains a Real World Easter Egg

How does the Chainsaw Man Chapter 137 easter egg foreshadow upcoming events?

by Matthew Kevin Mitchell
Image: Tatsuki Fujimoto

Chainsaw Man Chapter 137 continues the chaotic events that started when Denji met the unknown girl in the theater. The title of Chapter 137, and the song the unknown girl sings at Fujimoto’s karaoke bar, is a tribute to a song that could have some severe implications for what could happen in future chapters. Because of this, fans are going wild with listening to the song to figure out why Fujimoto chose it.

Chainsaw Man Chapter 137: Chu Chu Lovely Muni Muni Mura Mura

Image: Tatsuki Fujimoto

The title of Chainsaw Man Chapter 137 is a tribute to the song “ChuChu Lovely MuniMuni MuraMura PrinPrin Boron Nururu ReroRero” by Maximum the Hormone, a heavy metal band from Hachioji, Tokyo, Japan. The band’s songs “What’s Up, People?!” and “Zetsubo Billy” were used as the second opening and ending themes of the anime series Death Note. Furthermore, their song “Akagi” was the ending theme for the anime series Akagi.

“ChuChu Lovely MuniMuni MuraMura PrinPrin Boron Nururu ReroRero” was released in 2007, and fans quickly pointed out that Chainsaw Man takes place in the 1990s. However, since the manga series is set in an alternate reality version of the ’90s, it is possible that Maximum the Hormone could have released the song during this decade instead, which is why it is available as a karaoke song in the chapter.

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Either way, fans are trying to decipher the song’s lyrics to understand better Fujimoto’s motives behind picking the song. To take it one step further, one Reddit user went as far as to time the lyrics from the chapter with the song itself, which provides greater context to the chaotic moments of Chapter 137.

The song’s lyrics in the video match perfectly with what the unknown girl is singing at the karaoke bar. Along with what she is seeing, we get Denji’s internal reactions to the entire situation, which seems just as lost as the readers. When Denji starts fighting the men with baseball bats the song hits even harder.

Unfortunately, the prophecy of every woman Denji meets trying to kill him continues. The most fun fan theory is that it is the canon event that keeps the Nostradamus prophecy from happening, and Yoshida is five moves ahead of all of us. However, the one theory I genuinely believe comes from the panel where one of the men that Denji beats up has slits on his arm, meaning that they are dead, and she is the Death Devil.

Everything Fujimoto does in the manga is done with a purpose, so it is unlikely that he randomly chose to name the chapter title after a specific song or have the unknown girl sing the same song during the chapter’s events without a specific reason. His choice of the song could serve as an extra warning for us about this new girl, or it could be foreshadowing, due to the unfortunate content of the song, that she is going to be the final boss. It is hard to tell what the last panel is implying, but one thing is sure, poor Denji will be the victim and will have a series of unfortunate circumstances happen to him again.

- This article was updated on September 7th, 2023

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